Thursday, September 10, 2015


A Concerning Question

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

A Concerning Question 

A religious Jew in California asked:

     A Concerning question came up over Shabbat. Is the shofar (ram's horn blown on Rosh Hashanah) industry kind to animals?


Gutman's answer:

     The shofar industry has nothing to do with the animals, and even if they did, and even if they were mistreating the animals it would not posul (invalidate) the shofars.

     If anyone is mistreating the animals it is the ones who raise them and then have them slaughtered, but the animals are not slaughtered for their horns (shofars) or for their hides (leather). They are killed for the meat. But still, even if they would mistreat them, it might posul them as trustworthy shepherds but if the animal was slaughtered properly the meat would be kosher to eat.

     I have not eaten meat in almost 50 years. I do this because of the health benefits, but I am also very happy not to contribute to the cruelty that is rampant in that industry. The mishnah says that the kosher of the slaughters are partners with Amalek.[i] Amalek is an ancient people known for their cruelty.


[i] Talmud Kiddushin 82a


  1. Ir amazes me how mahy frumme Yidden have become so politically correct that sometimes I feel they have a higher opinion of the laws of modern society and political correctness over Halacha/Torah. These are questions that Jews who were on a much, much higher level than anyone today would never have thought of asking. Of course, being kind to animals is also part of Torah and it should be treated as such. But, the thinking of today's orthodoxy is quite disturbing. There are so many secular Jews who think this way because they have no idea of what being a Jew is anyway; but it should not touch the Torah world; that's a given.

  2. Rav Gutman's answer goes beyond the use of an animal for making a Shofar, into exploring the idea of eating meat.
    This is a pertinent question and answer relating to correct use of Kashrut and Chesed.
    It is good that such a topic is discussed.
    We are told that eating meat is a concession. Only given after the flood of Noah.
    It is possible, that when Moschiach comes we will eat a Paschal lamb, and a Leviathon, and then meat eating will cease and we will all become vegetarian as we were before the flood.

    L'Shana Tova to the writers and readers of this website.


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