Tuesday, July 21, 2015


When Brothers Appreciate One Another

“Chany F” shared the following story from our town in Israel on Facebook…

Just witnessed on the bus to Jerusalem:

It's a packed bus and there are no more seats to be had. A soldier gets on, big gun and all. A charedi guy (ultra-orthodox) sitting near the front gets up and tells the soldier to take his seat. Soldier smiles, refuses.

I'm sitting one row behind, across the aisle so I hear the exchange more or less.

The charedi guy says something like "you risk your life for mine, it's the least I can do." Soldier still refuses, thanks the charedi man and insists he sit back down. Soldier says ‘thank you for your offer’. Charedi man answers "no, thank you."

What a beautiful thing to witness, especially during the nine days. These kinds of stories, although not retold nearly as much as the negative ones, are much more indicative of our dear nation. How about we try to publicize these more than those.


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