Monday, July 06, 2015

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Prayers in the Western Wall

2015-06-29 Old City Jerusalem Akiva Fayga Don 035


2015-06-29 Old City Jerusalem Akiva Fayga Don 034


2015-06-29 Old City Jerusalem Akiva Fayga Don 038

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  1. B"H haTov vehamativ! I had the geeat fortune of having Shabbos dinner with Reb Gutman on my only trip to Israel back in February. It was full of open miracles, many regarding his words and advice to me. And now you've just randomly posted pictures of prayers tucked into the wall, and mine is very distinctly there! (Even after the Pesach cleanup, and he wouldn't have known where I put it!) May its message be heard and answered continuously! And may you be doubly blessed along with it, Reb Locks!


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