Thursday, July 30, 2015


Dead Baby Organs or Dead Lions?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


The abortion industry in the United States, or a least one very large national provider of such a service at significant public finance expense, is selling dead baby organs.  Particular emphasis is made, at pain or risk expense of the pregnant mother, on techniques that preserve the organs whole.  Special effort to obtain whole dead baby livers in particular.

It’s unclear where the profits, in the non-profit semi-public charitable corporation, of the dead baby organ sales are going – though the sellers have joked that prices have to be high enough to finance their swimming pools and Lamborghini's.  (Ha ha, joking… get it?)

- News story here. -

Don’t jump to conclusions and assume something horrific.  Apparently dead babies are particularly useful for new drug testing, medical research, and even attempting to grow organs for transplant by placing them in rats (if the research ever pans out).

Clearly that makes it all worthwhile.  After all, like German medical experimentation on Holocaust victims, we wouldn’t want to let all that life and research potential go to waste.

The abortion officials involved specifically stated they would alter abortion procedures to best preserve body parts, including choosing partial birth abortion – where the baby is killed as it’s born – which is clearly higher risk to the mother.  So even if you are an abortion proponent, THIS is directly putting the mother at higher risk.

On the other hand, a hunter shooting a lion in the wild, now THAT’S A SCANDAL!  Completely dehumanizing pregnancies and babies, to the point we don’t even kill them…we dispose of them --- except when we don’t, now we sell their parts like meat at the grocery store, that’s NORMAL.  But kill a lion, that’s an OUTRAGE.

You can argue for or against abortion as you will.  But if you remove respect for human life, the result is HORRIFIC.


  1. The level of apathy for human life displayed in the videos of Planned Parenthood is so appalling that I could throw up and cry at the same time.
    The immoral behavior and indifference is beyond words.... It truly is evil trying to disguise itself as a worthwhile endeavor....

  2. Pure murder, and selling parts in the public domain makes a country liable for destruction. And throw into the mix, debautchery.


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