Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Adoring the walls of our local city hall in Israel is this…

2015-05-10 001

That beautiful huge wall poster is the local sewage processing plant.  While it is indeed a very important function of city government to provide sewage services, it’s generally not what one expects to see presented as decorative or art.



  1. I'm from NJ. I've picked up passengers at Newark Airport which has numerous petroleum refineries to its south.

    To much of the country this has defined NJ as an undesirable place (despite it being only a few square miles).

    But to Third World visitors it is a beautiful sight they wish they had.

    Tikunei Zohar 22 points out that the letters forming "besimcha" (with joy) are the same as that spell "machshavah" (thought). This is one aspect or facet of the Tzemach Tzedek's famous "Tracht gut vet zein gut" (Think good and it will be good) like the Tzaddik Reb Zusya who had what we would find a difficult life, but never saw anything bad happen to him as it was all the will of HaShem.

    Another aspect is that we have the power with our own goodness to re-channel the future, not to be driven by fear. The way the neurons get fired, so they get wired. You can change Destiny. We have to reframe & come up with positive thoughts speech actions more powerful than the fear grief or pain. When you forge ahead, you reveal deeper levels of goodness. Forge ahead. And you'll not only survive but thrive.

  2. I wrote the above with thoughts triggered by the perceived beauty of a sewage treatment plant. You can turn the caca in your life to gold (the water from these plants irrigates many vegetative plants that produce food in the desert).


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