Thursday, June 18, 2015

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From the Roof of Kever Shmuel

Shmuel HaNavi, the biblical prophet Samuel.  This kever (tomb), along with the ruins of his home town, is located at the top of the Jerusalem Ramot neighborhood.

The roof access is usually closed, but on a recent visit was open.  Here’s some pictures…

The stairs – stone, hand carved, odd distances, about 5 stories straight.  Scary!  (This pictures is actually from the top down.)


The roof area…


The building from the roof…


The ruins of the town.  Jerusalem in the distance…



From this direction it’s Ramallah in the distance…


And the inside of the kever, which is just finishing a renovation…


Blessings from Kever Shmuel HaNavi, the tomb of the biblical prophet Samuel.


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