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Jewish Kids from England

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Jewish Kids from England


     A small group of Jewish teens from England came to the Kotel last week. They didn't want to put on tefillin, scorning them, but I pulled just hard enough to get them. They were not at all interested in Judaism, to put it mildly. They were really immature. They had nose rings, their eyebrows were pierced and they had a couple of earrings hanging from their ears. When I saw that one of the boys had a black fingernail I asked him if he hit it with a hammer. He showed me his hands. He had painted the nails dark purple!

    "What in the world did you do that for?"

    "It's nice. It makes my hands look nice."

     "Painted nails, earrings, nose rings…all these are girl's garments!"

      "Who said?"

     "The Torah says. A man is supposed to dress like a man and a girl like a girl. We want you to take the male role and marry a Jewish girl."

     "What's wrong with marrying a boy?"

     "Are you crazy? What's wrong with smoking cigarettes?"

     "They kill you."

     "Cigarettes cause you to die ten years earlier than someone who doesn't smoke. Homosexuals die twenty earlier than normal people! It's a disease!"

     He almost fell on the floor laughing. "That's insane!"

     "Oh, yeah! Search on the internet "homosexual life expectancy" and you will see for yourself.

     "Oh, baloney!"

     "Okay, I'll make a deal with you. If what I am saying is true, you promise that you will marry only a Jewish girl."

    He was so sure that I was making it up that he agreed.

    I said, "Okay. I got you! Check it out and if it is like I said, you have to keep your promise and marry a Jewish girl."

     Will he change his life from one short conversation? I don't know. But I know that we have to try.



  1. you put tefillin on these disgusting kids from the UK? WHy not put them on a dog as well? Yes, I know your cliched response-- they're Jewish, they have a Jewish neshama, they're like the tinok she'nishba, blah blah blah. sorry, I'm unimpressed. my conclusion: if you refuse to draw a line, as in this case, you deserve no respect or support, from me or other Jews. Pinchas in Boston

  2. CDG, YerushalayimMay 10, 2015 10:17 AM

    Dear Phillip/Pinchas,

    Shavua tov.

    I'm sorry, but I think you're going to be proven wrong. Laying tefillin changes a Jewish man. I should know - my husband first did it while he was still secular some 12 years ago, when I became sick with cancer. We lived in Wilmington, DE then. We are no longer secular, and now live in Yerushalayim.

    You might say, he did it for me. But, you don't know what this boy will be going home to. HaShem is still in charge, and He can put some mighty tough circumstances into a stubborn young man's life if He wants to focus him on the right things.

    R' Gutman, would you happen to have the boy's and his mother's Hebrew names?

  3. Maybe because of HIV/AIDS deaths in past decades the life expectancy is or was reduced, plus possible suicides amongst homosexuals. But you ask these boys to PROMISE to marry a Jewish girl on the proviso you are proved right? Some boys just cannot get a Jewish girl to marry them for multifarious reasons - so how can they promise? Good intentions or mitzvahs with the greatest will in the world cannot always be fulfilled by everybody.

  4. Wow, I wish I had you around. I met a neighbor who thinks he is attracted to guys, and you get away with a lot more than I could, so I have not touched the subject directly, and he is also very careful not to say anything, because he does not want me to judge him though I know that eventually he will want to say it out loud. Thanks to you, I have been alluding to 'when he will have kids'. So the run on sentence is just to show that I am also farklept.

  5. On the one hand you're obviously a much needed presence at the kotel, but on the other hand I feel uncomfortable the way you consistently post photos and write lashon hara about these people you meet. Do they know that this is what you are going to do with their photo? Do you have their express permission for this?

    Regarding life expectancy of homosexuals, I did do a google search. And the results are not clear cut. I refer you to this:
    Different factors may affect life expectancy: social stigma, access to health care etc.

    The problem with what you did with these young men is that you didn't tell them the truth. The reason they have to marry Jewish girls, is because the Torah says so. The reason it is forbidden to be homosexual is because the Torah says so. Torah is truth. It has no need of anything else to support it. The changing mortality rates of homosexuals is not the basis for what we do.

    I realise that when you meet people at the kotel you don't have much time to make an impact on them, which is why you need to give more thought to what you're going to say. I like your general approach about marrying Jewish. This really is the most important thing, as given that most people are not committing heinous crimes, most of what they do is reversible. Having kids with a non-Jewish woman is practically irreversible. (The child might convert but then he is no longer the man's child). I think you should focus on that. Tell them that they have a holy neshama connected to Hashem. I don't think that commenting on their appearance is helpful. And get their name for tefila and beg Hashem to shine the light of Torah into their hearts and put a note in the kotel for them to do tshuva. They've probably never had anyone daven for them before. Honestly I think that that is the most important thing you can do for them.

  6. This is the churban that Eisav & the Erav Rav have brought to the world (oh, how shrewd they are). Our parents and grandparents, in their worst nightmares, would not believe what has become of the world, no different and maybe worse, than before the great Flood. Well, another disaster is waiting for the world unless the real Jews wake up and do teshuva - fast! And the rest of humanity (the good ones) better wake up too.

  7. If rabbis are so brilliant and if torah is so awesome why cant it cure diseases like male homosexuality? Jews go east to heal we have nishd if prayer doesnt work ? then what ?

  8. Dear Rabbi:

    You obviously mean well but many of these young people come from assimilated backgrounds due to no fault of their own. And, the only Haredi Rabbis they are liable to see are those on TV in their own country being arrested for pedophilia, sexual abuse and/or other crimes within and against the Jewish community. So chiding them for wearing nail polish or being gay-friendly is counterproductive. Try gentleness and understanding, if you want to win them over. Teach them that Judaism can be compassionate, not hateful. I've heard of many a Baal Teshuva who were originally coked-up, nose-ringed/ear-ringed hippies. Cut these young people some slack.

    Start with the positive aspects of putting on tefillin as a mitzvah and build on it. Turn them on to Judaism so they want to learn more--there are enough externals in their world to turn them off.

  9. From Anonymous 11.53

    Not only are you spreading lashon hara about these people, who, for whatever you think about them, are in a minority in their circles, that they actually came to Israel and to the kotel, and even put on tefillin, but you are also allowing other people to post hateful comments about them. THIS HAS TO STOP. There is absolutely no justification for this. What exactly are you going to answer to Hashem on your personal yom hadin for this blatant disregard for halacha. Please do cheshbon nefesh. Help the people at the kotel, but stop posting their photos and exposing them to ridicule and denigration.

  10. Disaster will come to the world for this sin mentioned in parshat kedoahime, and you pussyfoote it anon 11.53 ! Kedoshime clearly states its sevarity you think its a joke ? the world is boiling and this is a joke ?

  11. Unfortunately, some people have problems of reading comprehension. The issues here are 1. Lashon hara in public, and 2. how to speak to a Jew to help hiim connect to the Torah.

    I am so troubled by the first issue, I think that I am going to ask a shaila. In the meantime I again ask Reb Gutman Locks to do a cheshbon nefesh, and to take down all the photos of people on this site, unless he has their express permission to post their photo and his accompanying text.

  12. You do realise that there is only 290,000 jewish people in the UK. If 50% of those are female that leaves 180,000. Take out any women who are too old, too young, already married I would think that probably leaves less than 90,000 eligible women. The chances of him even meeting jewish woman, let alone marrying one are miniscule.

  13. Reb Locks does ask people if he can take their picture and share it.

  14. Thank you for answering my question, partially at least, about the photo. Do these people realise that they will be exposed to negative commentary as part of the post, whether implied or explicit?

  15. Anonymous, 2:39 a.m.

    What Reb Gutman is doing is actually a mitzvah. The shoah killed off 6 million of our people (physically) but the shoah of especially the last 70 years (spiritual) is even worse because it is the Jewish souls that are being stolen all because of the freedom-loving assimilation. This is not loshon horah. I ask why do these people give permission to have their photos taken - believe because they have no clue what Yiddishkeit is about and see no wrong to their thinking (they are like kidnapped children). Who knows how many souls Reb Gutman has saved and is saving daily,B'H. Many have thanked him!

  16. Thank you Reb for what you are doing that is a great mitsvah to put tefilin on some people that probably never do so.
    You do not force them to, they agree to take a picture, and it is a great honour for them to be on your website.

    I really do not understand how people here can accuse you for lachon hara, while they put the blame on you in public here, shame on them !

    Do not listen to them and just go on, the world needs people to act right, and this is exactly what you are doing.

    Moshé, from Paris, France (yes you have followers from everywhere !)


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