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Torah vs. the East

​by Reb Gutman Locks

Torah vs. the East


     Bret is a Jewish man who is completely submerged in Eastern spiritual thinking. He believes their teachings are true, and his only job is to figure out how to completely apply them so he can experience the visions and powers that the East considers to be "the highest teachings" or "the secret inner alchemy of divine union". He lives his life trying to transcend the earthly perspective through such techniques as, "The highest Buddhist Hindu and Tao tantra Practices, lucid dreaming, mantras, yoga, hallucinates, out of body states, unite with light, non-duality, pressing the tongue against the palate, stopping the need for sleep, third eye", and on, and on…  

      He wants to share all of these practices with the world though the internet and has asked me to contribute the "mystical Jewish" answers to these questions for his book.


     1. What in JEWISH mysticism is "rainbow body" - a purified practitioner whose body dissolves back into the elements?

     2. Does kechari mudra get used in JEWISH mysticism? [Practice of pressing your tongue against the roof of the mouth]

     3. The hidden JEWISH practice of raising kundalini through internal heat? ["Raising the "power" at the base of the spine results in deep meditation, enlightenment & bliss"]       

     4. The energy raising techniques and use of consort or wife to unite with divine in Jewish mysticism.

     5. How to navigate death realms after body stops


Gutman's response:

     The goal of Torah (Judaism) and the goals of the East are entirely different, so are our understandings about life, its purpose, and its end. Whereas the Eastern spiritual paths seek such things as; freedom, detachment, preventing reincarnation, bliss, etc, the successful Jew strives to serve the Creator, and to reveal His Presence.

  To briefly answer your 5 questions:

     1- All creation is being held in its present form by what the world calls energy (gravity). If we would look at any object, such as our bodies, with a great microscope we would see that the matter they are made of is not solid. We would see that the body is made out of zillions of tiny molecules and almost all empty space. Then, looking deeper we would see that the molecules themselves are not solid but each molecule is being made out of zillions of tiny atoms, and again, almost all empty space. On and on, if we could look deeper and deeper, closer and closer, we would finally realize that all matter, all forms, including our bodies are being formed out of nothing. Everything is being held in its present form by the will of the Creator Who is forming these objects out of nothing.

    This does not mean that the creation is nothing now, nor does it mean that it is insignificant. Even though it is temporary and even though it is being made out of absolutely nothing (no previous matter) still, creation is a precious opportunity, not to be wasted.

     To use your illustration, the rainbow appears to be made out of seven colors, but it is not. Those seven colors are being made out of the one light. When a color realizes that it is merely a temporary limited distinction within the "endless" light, it will not stop being a color. It has been made a color for a good reason. But then it will begin to realize the true nature of its being, and its relationship to the Light.

     So it is with man who is a temporary formation, a distinction within the One Infinite Being. When we realize and take to heart that G-d is all, we do not cease to be by "dissolving back into the elements", we continue on as individual beings but we begin to gain a spiritual perspective.

    2- The Jewish goal of life which is most clearly understood in mysticism does not require such techniques as pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth to try to change your consciousness.

     Jewish physical "exercises" are actually spiritual "exercises" (mitzvahs) that have been given to us through the Torah. These acts are designed to spiritually elevate us, and to also give us a spiritually healthy physical life.

     The Creator is always present, but He hides Himself in order to give us freewill. It is our job to do the things that He has commanded us to do so we will be able to live holy physical lives, and ultimately to see the most mystical, highest, life fulfilling experience possible – to actually see His Revealed Presence.    

    3- Kundalini raises an energy up your spine causing unusual experiences as it moves. The Torah is not interested in such experiences and likens them to magic and drug related experiences which actually take you away from the goal.

     We do not seek a column of energy. We seek the Infinite One Who is equally everywhere at all times. The energy that you try to raise is like a color in the rainbow, and while each color can be even more beautiful than the previous one, focusing on them takes your awareness away from the true goal, the actual Light that the colors are being made of. It is the Infinite that we seek, not blissful experiences that cause us to withdraw from the world.

    4- Our thoughts at intimate times determine the spiritual level of our children. The Jewish spiritual path must include family, children, improving the world through good deeds. At such personal times we think of family, love, and serving our Creator by bringing another child into His world.

    5- The way to "navigate death realms after the body stops" is by doing as many holy deeds as we can while the body still moves. Whatever good we do, especially the good that continues on after we are gone, such as raising a holy family, or teaching others the proper way to live,… the results of their continuing good deeds also continue to elevate our souls even after we are gone.


      Now a question for you and for the Jews you teach those Eastern ideas to: Since you were born a Jew for a good reason, shouldn't you try to find your spiritual success as a Jew within a Torah life? After all, even the "Gita"[i] says that you should fulfill the karma that you were born to. 


[i] One of the main Hindu "scriptures" 


  1. Just a small tweak IMO:
    The Torah is not interested in such experiences

    perhaps should read The Torah is not interested in such physical experiences?

  2. How distressing that Jews search for all the avodah zorahs in the world, when we have the real thing. Don't think that this problem was ever as bad as it is now. Because of assimilation and intermarriage, there is so much Jewish youth out there searching for truth and it is right under their noses. I think the time is here when H' is reminding us of who we are; just look at the horrible devastation that just took place in the "East", H' have mercy. Jews, wake up because H' is sending you wakeup calls.


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