Thursday, April 09, 2015

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The Key in the Challah

​   by Reb Gutman Locks  

The Key in the Challah


     There is a custom to bake a key in the challah (Shabbos bread) for the Shabbos following Pesach. This year it will have to wait a week as the last day of Pesach runs into Shabbos so there will be no way to have challah that Shabbos.


Different reasons can be given for the custom but the one that fits best for me is that the custom points out that challah show us the key for parnosa (livelihood).

    When we were in Egypt we worked for our livelihood and we became enslaved. When we relied on Hashem and went out from that slavery we wandered in the dessert. Our livelihood was simple then. Delicious manna was provided lying on the ground before us. All we had to do was to bend over and pick it up. But if we picked more than we needed that extra portion would rot.

     The problem came on Shabbos when we could not go out and pick up the manna. How were we to provide for ourselves and our families if we could not pick up the manna that day? The manna that we picked up on Friday miraculously doubled, and that extra portion did not rot. This is why we always have two loaves of challah on Shabbos.

    The Shabbos challah remind us that when we rely on Hashem, Hashem provides for our needs. This is the key to parnosa. If we will go out into the world and do the things that we need to do while relying on Hashem, and not work on Shabbos, then Hashem will miraculously provide for all of our needs.

     As we leave Pesach and go into the rest of the year, we are to take with us the lessons of Pesach. We must do what we have to do in order to make a living, but we do it remembering that it is Hashem who provides our success.





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