Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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More Pics of Rituals of Strictly Orthodox Jews (4)

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths … All images in this article © Yaakov Naumi/Flash90

A Digg grabs a photoset from an interesting photographer, Yaakov Naumi.  Mr. Naumi is a charedi ultra-orthodox Jew from Israel, and specializes in taking news style photographs of charedi life and charedi news events.  It notes that because Mr. Naumi is part of the community, it opens the doors for him to come and take the photos.  I’ve decided to grab a few more of his (online) photos and give interesting details…


The Torah writes that for the holiday of Succot, one should take a “Pri Eitz Hadar”, a beautiful fruit, as part of the 4 species.  This is the citron (esrog in Hebrew), an unusual type of citrus fruit.  Because it’s set out as special, it’s considered extremely important to make sure it has no blemishes.

When shopping for ones esrog, a close examination to make sure there’s no infestation or black spots or holes is done.  The cleaner it is, the more expensive.


Passover matzot have many stringencies to make sure they are kosher – having no chometz, leavened products or have time to rise.  Besides harvesting the wheat during dry season (if it rained on the wheat after it started to brown, that wheat is disqualified), water is taken from a natural spring or well and allowed to sit for 24 hours – to become room temperature.  This is called “mayim shelanu”, and is the only water used for baking Hand Made Shmurah (guarded wheat – guarded from getting wet after it starts to brown in the field) Matzah.


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