Thursday, April 23, 2015

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Mass Murder Attack on Israeli Civilians Just Now

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

imageAbout an hour ago Southern Israel civilians were targeted for mass murder by the launch of multiple rockets from Gaza.  This was a particularly good day for attempting mass murder of Israelis, as it was Israeli Independence Day.  Therefore many people were outdoors picnicking with their families – far away from bomb shelters.

One might expect to hear something about it in the news, or some UN attention to this WAR CRIME.  Rather, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba will be voting in the UN Human Rights Council about how Israel is the number one oppressor of women in the world, as they did last week.  I would say the farce beggars belief, but what really beggars belief is how the United States and the nations of Europe go along with it.

No one was injured in the war crime mass murder attack on Israeli civilians, thank G-d.  Naturally this means exactly like when someone plans to shoot someone in your neighborhood, and then goes and shoots at them and misses… that because they missed the crime is null and void and should be ignored.  That’s how things work, right?  It must be, because when mass murder of innocent civilians is attempted against Israel and misses it’s not a war crime and can be ignored by the politicians, the UN, and the international news media.

The alarm went off on my computer, where I run several monitoring programs tied into the Israeli Civil Defense alert network.  (One can be seen here at  Similar to the remembers sirens that blare on Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel (Soldiers) Memorial Day, some of my children freaked out and headed for the bomb shelter.  A whole nations with PTSD that jumps at every siren-like sound – terrorism works, or at least it really does terrorize, but it also causes an intense anger against the enemy that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

HELP GAZANS REBUILD blare the headlines and tweets. After all, so many were made homeless (as their homes being used as rocket launching pads were flattened).  But they do not build for peace, worry about their people or try for prosperity.  They build for war and dream of mass murder.

Support them and support death, war and murder.  It’s sad the innocent suffer, but they can STOP any time they like.


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