Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I Disagree with this One

   by Reb Gutman Locks  

I Disagree with this One


     This is a big mistake. There is a new religious accessory on the market that has gained almost complete acceptance within the frum (religious) community. You see them every day. I have never heard anyone say anything against them.

     How do you carry something that is dear to you? By your heart. The gemora makes a distinction between something that you are carrying in front of you, i.e. by your chest which shows that you are guarding it more, and something that you are carrying behind you, i.e. on your back which shows that you are not guarding it as much. How much less do you guard something that you carry on your lower back side!

     The bags are see-through plastic on one side so everyone sees that it is your tefillin bouncing against your lower seat. This is not the way to treat something that you love, especially if it is something holy.

     If the bags were closed and you were not showing everyone that it is your tefillin that you are treating that way then the bag would be just a closed suitcase and it wouldn't matter. Or you could adjust the carrying strap by at least 50% so the tefillin would ride either on your chest by your heart (as they should) or on your upper back which is not as offensive. But seeing religious men walking to and from the Kotel with their tefillin riding on their bottoms seems to be saying, "I do not think that my tefillin are holy or I would not be carrying them this way."  

     Maybe it's just me and I am being machmir (strict) because, as I said, it doesn't seem to bother anyone else.


  1. You're not just being machmir. You are absolutely right. Thanks for pointing it out.

    - a voice in the wilderness

  2. You're absolutely right. My father, ob"m, always used to carry Tallis and Tefillin close to his chest. A friend of mine, whose father was a famous Rosh Yeshivoh, said he once received a slap from his father when he placed his Tefillin in the boot of the car instead of holding it. This was always the way of our previous generation. Very unfortunate that this appears to have weakened. Not speaking with Tefillin should also be stressed.

  3. Agree with Reb Gutman and the commenters. We, in no way, can compare the true emunah and respect for kedusha of the previous generation(s) to this one. This is something that should be emphasized by the teachers (Rebbeim) at the yeshivas because the world's influence is overwhelming and even the Torah world is effected.

  4. Okay, I'm living in galut. For some people this is a point. But I'm so glad they are carrying the TNT, and apparently using them.

  5. Is this really our priorities at the very end galus? Has there ever been a generation proudly walking with a bag full of tallis, two sets of tefillin, a siddur, and even a sefer? The Baal Shem Tov speaks of the mirror effect. Reb Gutman, you have put more tefillin on yiddin than anyone I know. How could you slam Klal Yisroel like this? The Rebbe once remarked to a yid who was struggling with emuna that he should wear his back facing OUT so EVERYONE should see what he is carrying.

    Shame...moments left in Galus and here we are....


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