Friday, April 24, 2015

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Hamas: We didn’t fire rocket at Israel, maybe Aliens?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

imageHamas, the Islamic terrorist organization operating as the ruling authority / government in the Gaza strip (on the border of Egypt and Israel), announced today that “they did not fire the rockets that struck Israel yesterday evening.” 

The spokesperson speculated that dark forces are intentionally trying to reignite the active war between Hamas/Gaza and Israel, specifically mentioning the possibility of evil djinn as referenced in the Quran Sura 72 – Sura Al-Jinn.

He is rumored to have said “Obviously we would not be so stupid as to fire rockets at Israel at this time, as we have neither finished rebuilding our rocket inventory or completed replacement underground bunkers and tunnels for our fighters.  Clearly dark forces are at work.  While silly Westerners would probably say it’s space aliens, the Quran tells us of the evil djinn out to foil men’s plans.  Undoubtedly it’s evil djinn.”

Israel responded to the rocket fire this morning with tank fire to a Hamas meeting house near the border, empty at the time.  Israeli security officials are quoted as having said “We see Hamas as responsible, and expect it to enforce order in Gaza. Hamas is the ruling power in the region and is must maintain quiet; if not it will be held responsible. We will not accept a trickling of rocket fire.”

When asked whether it could have been evil djinn, the Israeli security official is rumored to have said “evil spirits responsible?  They’d do better to try blaming space aliens.”


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