Monday, April 06, 2015

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Brief Passover Questions (2)

by Rabbi Aron Moss


I have heard that there is a custom to bake challah with a key hidden inside for the Shabbos after Pesach. Seems like some odd superstition. What’s it about?


During Pesach the Gates of Heaven open for us, just as the gates of freedom opened for our forefathers in Egypt. We are given a free ride into spiritual liberation. G-d reaches out to us with an outstretched Arm and schleps us out of our own personal Egypt.

But after Pesach ends, the gates are closed. And we are given a key. If we want to open the gates, now we will have to do it on our own. No more free rides. It is up to us now to liberate our own souls, by taking a good look at ourselves and how we became slaves in the first place. G-d can help us take the first step into spiritual freedom, but the hard work is left to us. He can’t change us; that we have to do ourselves.

So many times in our lives we are given amazing opportunities. Do we grab them? Do we utilize the gifts we are given on a daily basis? Do we open the doors with the keys that we have been given?

Pesach is the jumpstart G-d gives our soul to start its journey. At the seder we were given the gift of freedom. But freedom alone means nothing. The big question is, what will we do with your newfound freedom? The key is in our hands.


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