Tuesday, April 07, 2015

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Arabs & Palestinians Killed, Nobody Notices

by Reb Akiva


Yemen – large numbers of civilians killed… women, children, whole families.  Yet nobody noticed.  No major news reports, no screaming headlines.  Why not?  #Israel_Not_Involved.

Is it that that Arab lives don’t matter, or is it the death of Arab children only matter when Israel can be blamed?  ( #Arab_Lives_Only_Matter_As_Propaganda_Against_Israel ?)


Syria – The Palestinians of Syria are not allowed to live outside their ghetto, enforced by the Syrian regime.  ISIS has now invaded the ghetto, beheaded at least 3 Palestinians, and kidnapped perhaps as many as 75 girls as…slaves.

Is it that Palestinian Arab lives don’t matter, or does the “terrible” condition of Palestinians only matter when Israel can be blamed? ( #Palestinian_Lives_Only_Matter_As_Propaganda_Against_Israel ?)

Thousands of Palestinians displaced and on the run, many beheaded and girls kidnapped… and the major Palestinian headline is “7 arrested by Israel in West Bank”.  They won’t even criticize ISIS!


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