Thursday, March 26, 2015


Yemen and Regional Arab War in Progress

(Interestingly, my downstairs neighbor is from Yemen, and is currently blasting traditional Jewish-Yemin music – which sounds like Arab music to me.)

The government of Yemen has fled the country, as regional Shia Islamic militias have overthrown the Sunni Islamic government.  Somehow Al Qaeda is in this mix, as is ISIS, the United States, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

  • ISIS is blowing things up.
  • Al Qaeda is attacking people.
  • Shia Islamists are uprising and overthrowing the government.
  • Saudi Arabia is bombing the Shia Islamists.
  • Iran is supplying the Shia Islamists.
  • The government is running for their lives.
  • The United States is doing an emergency evacuation of covert military bases, the embassy, and a navy refueling military location.

The White House as stated that “everything is wonderful, this is exactly what we were hoping for”.  Actual quote: “A White House spokesman said American efforts in Yemen are a "template that has succeeded," even as President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was forced to flee the country by boat.  The spokesman told reporters that U.S. officials were not aware of Hadi's destination but insisted that American officials still had a level of control over the chaotic situation.  "We have the ability to continue to apply pressure on the extremists," Earnest told reporters. "They are still in the crosshairs of U.S. security forces."

What’s going on there?  Here’s a bit of feedback given to me by a Shia contact…

QUESTION - Why are the Saudi's against the Yemini’s fighting their government? And why are the Iranians for it? Is this a local civil war, or international?

This is not a civil/local war. This is an ideological international war. Wahhabism (Saudi Arabia’s from of Islam) is extremism where Sunnism (Iraq & Yemen’s form) and Shiaism (Iran’s form) isn't.

QUESTION - Is Al Qaeda Sunni or Wahhabi? How is Iranian Shiaism not extremism with Iran's world terror and support of (Sunni) Hamas?  How does it make sense that Iran, while bombing ISIS in Iraq, condemns Saudi bombing of Shia Islamists in Yemen as dangerous?

ISIS are barbaric foreign terrorists whereas the Houthis (Shia’s in Yemen) have been there for centuries and are uprising.

Saudis are Wahhabis and ideologically the fathers of ISIS therefore would never bomb them.  (Since the Houthis in Yemen are Shia Islamics, it’s ideologically ok to bomb them to keep them from gaining control of Yemen.)

On the other hand ISIS is after Shia genocide hence Iran cannot stand by and watch considering they are the Shia world leaders.

As far as Iran supporting the Houthis, supporting the oppressed can never be terrorism.

Those fighting on their homeland against a foreign occupying army are freedom fighters not terrorists; there’s your difference.

QUESTION - What was Al Qaeda doing in Yemen? Wasn't the government already Sunni and Islamic?

Al Qaeda is also Wahhabi - Sunni extremism.   ISIS along with these other terrorist groups (Al Qaeda)  want to create a so called "Islamic" government, which is very different to what it is.  (This doesn’t mean the [now on the run] government of Yemen did not support Islam as the official state religion and give ability of Islamic institutions to pressure the people on religion, they did.)Ee


  1. America bombing in Iraq along side Iran, yet in Yemen claims to be on the side of which is whatever it is, not the side of Iran. Go figure B.H.O. !

  2. Egypt seizes Bab el Mandeb ahead of Iran.


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