Thursday, March 12, 2015


What Day Is It Today?

  by Reb Gutman Locks   

What Day Is It Today?


     How do you know what day it is today? If your ship went down at sea and you woke up alone on a tiny deserted island you wouldn't know what day it was. You could get some indication of the day of the year by looking at the weather, what season it was, were the trees blooming or shedding their leaves? Obviously, days get colder and warmer, wetter and dryer as the seasons change.

    You could get a pretty good idea of what day of the month it was by looking at the increasing or decreasing moon.

     But how would you be able to tell what day of the week it was? We know what day of the week it is only by what we do. The week is a Biblical invention without any signs in nature. When we ask ourselves, "What day is today?" we think about what we did, or what we are going to do to recall what day it is.

     This is why we light candles for Shabbos, and drink fine wine. This is why we have delightful meals, and why guests are so special on Shabbos. They are all pleasant reminders of how holy the day is.



  1. Dear Reb Guttman,
    how do you dare to write such a thing: "The week is a Biblical invention without any signs in nature: ?!!!
    Since you know that "histakel be Oraita veBara Alma", "He looked at the Tora and (from this, according to it), He did create the entier world, there is othing in the world that do not come from the Tora, including "nature", which is a facet of divinity (elokim = 86 = hateva, famous gematria).
    Moreover, from the same point of view that you take as a start of your thought, I'd say the total opposite: since there seems not to be a real "natural" basis to the seven days of the week, contrary to seasons or the moon cycle related month, and since all the people of the world are using the week (including chinese people, and others), it prooves that the week of 7 days rely on a structural essence of the world. Not chas veshalom an "invention of the Bible", but wether a strong evidence of the Bible based creation of the entire world.

  2. The point was simply without the written Book telling us that the week is 7 days no one would be able to tell. There have and perhaps still are other Eastern calendars that do not use the 7 day week. But all see the months and seasons passing.

  3. As a child, the Heligeh Ruzhiner was unable to understand the sugya about what a person should do when lost in the desert and he doesn't remember what day Shabbos is. He couldn't understand how a person couldn't know which day is Shabbos, because he could perceive that "on Shabbos, the whole world looks different".

    For those of us not on the Ruzhiner's level, we have to rely on the Torah.


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