Sunday, March 01, 2015

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What Am I?

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   


What Am I?


     If I answer, "I am a man," then I would be talking about my body.

     If I answer, "I am a life," then I would be talking about the force that vivifies me, which actually is Hashem, since He is called "the Life of all the worlds"[i]

     If I answer "I am a soul", then I would be talking about the various levels of the life-force that fills me. Whereas "life" is the general term, "soul" refers to the various details, the levels of that life. But the soul is "an actual portion of Hashem from on High."[ii]

     We know that after 120 years (or so), the body will return to the ground from where it came. The body is made out of dust, simple material, matter, and eventually it will return to just that.

     The life force, the soul, is a portion of Hashem, so when my life is over here, that life force that sustained me will return to the high place from where it came.

     So, if my body is earth, and my life-force is Hashem, what am I?


     The Infinite is all. It has to be all, or else it would be limited.

     The finite has to be limited, or else it would not be finite.

     Since the Infinite is all, the finite must be a tiny portion of the Infinite. The Infinite has to also be the finite, but the finite is not the Infinite.


     The problem is that the Infinite One hides so well that we finite beings forget that He is even here! This gives us plenty of room to make as many mistakes as we want. But, it also gives us the unique opportunity to grow, to improve ourselves, and to even improve His creation.


     We are all on a journey; a physical journey from the womb to the grave, and a spiritual journey from the highest Heaven down to this low world, and then back up to the highest Heaven.

     When we leave this world the only thing we take with us will be our deeds. Our good deeds will thrust us higher and higher in that holy World, and our negative deeds will drag us down lower and lower.

     Our place in that world, our capacity to withstand the Brilliant Light, will be determined by our deeds in this lower world. This journey is a gorgeous opportunity. Take care to pack your bags well.

[i] From the blessing said after eating certain foods

[ii] "a portion of G-d is His People" Deuteronomy 32:9


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