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The Netanyahu Speech – Our Analysis

Our analysis of the speech includes the speech, the pre-reactions (how one can react to an event before it happens we don’t know – but we watched it happen over the past week), and the reactions (actual things that happened after the speech in response to it – though many of those reactions don’t seem to have actually involved listening to the speech, and are therefore reactions to a perceived or imagined event rather than the actual event).  We live in strange times.

On March 3, 2015 – Adar 12, 5775, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered a speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress.  The primary topic of the speech was Iran, more specifically the nuclear weapons ambitions of Iran and the approach of current U.S. negotiations with Iran on that topic.

Pre-Reactions (Kind of like pre-heating your oven, an oven can have only 2 states – heated or not.)

U.S. – The Obama administration made it abundantly clear they did not want the speech to occur.  Apparently free speech before a chamber dedicated to debating ideas affecting the country is no longer an appropriate approach in the United States.  The administration expressed the desire to prevent the speech by having various administration officials, from minor ones up to cabinet secretaries, accuse Mr. Netanyahu of election stunts before the Israeli election, calling him various names, stating that he didn’t have accurate information, and finishing with threatening him if he revealed secret information.  Approximately 10% of Congress joined the bashing party, including announcing plans to boycott the speech.

Israel – Left wing electoral party leaders declared that making such a speech would either be an election ploy or, since the U.S. president didn’t want it, would damage relations with the United States.  Local papers that lean left ran various opinion pieces echoing how the Prime Minister was going to damage the relationship with the U.S. and that the speech should be cancelled.  Right win electoral party leaders stayed silent for the most part, some offering nominal support, and the Bayit Yehudi party leader travelled to the U.S. with the Prime Minister and appeared on various U.S. news programs supporting it.

The Speech (Summarized, not quoted)

Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared before a packed house, every seat taken.  He received a rousing welcome, a loud extended standing ovation, with the congress-people swarming in to say hello, shake his hand, give him brief messages.  The welcome was outstanding, and no congress-people were seen to be sitting or acting as other than enthusiastic attendees.

Mr. Netanyahu spent the first few minutes of the speech on buttering people up and praising the United States, particularly President Obama.  He spoke of how Obama has helped Israel, in known and unknown ways.  Moderate applause.

Next he spoke of Iran, their actions throughout the world, their proven support of terrorism, their threatening the Nation of Israel as well as Jews world wide and past attacks on both.  He outlined how they’ve taken effective political control of 4 countries, and how they continue to directly publish threats to the United States and to Israel. A specific example of Iran’s military exercise of destroying a mock U.S. aircraft carrier a few days ago was made. Major applause as various points and examples were made.

He made what one would think are obvious statements: If Iran wants normal trade and relations (and not sanctions), it should act as a normal (non-aggressive) country.  Major applause.

He pointed out that while ISIS and Iran are fighting, they both are espousing the same ideology – they are fighting over who will be the king not how the world should look when that happens – game of thrones reference brought.  Major applause.

He stated that an agreement that allows Iran to continue on it’s current path will result in a nuclear armed Iran, and a nuclear weapons race in the region – and if that’s not a recipe for war, what is?  Major applause.

He emphasized that no deal is better than this type of deal, and Iran is the one in need of the deal – not the U.S.  Freeing Iran’s economy without crippling their nuclear program will only allow Iran to get there even faster.  As he said, they get nukes if there is no agreement… and they get nukes if there IS an agreement.  This is not a plan!  Major applause.

He finished with stating that Israel will stand alone (and take action alone) if it must, but he believes the United States stands with Israel.  Major applause.

He wrapped up by quoting Moshe Rabaynu… "Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread them." Major applause.

I found the speech to be exceptionally powerful, one of the most powerful speeches by any politician in this generation anywhere in the world!

The Reactions

The reactions have been, in a word, apoplectic. 

U.S. - The U.S. administration reactions, as well as those of some Democrat congress members, and the U.S. news media have variously stated (paraphrasing) that Mr. Netanyahu was stoned, in coocoo land, boring, insane, war mongering, or just plain stupid.  The Democrats prepared and televised a “Democrat response”, as if Mr. Netanyahu was an American Republican President of the United States, thereby demanding an opposition response speech.  Traditional right wing media outlets gave the speech tremendous praise, stating this is the very definition of leadership and taking a moral and realistic position.  The starkness between the two responses, as well as the over the top administration and media response is astounding…and frightening. 

Israel – Various private citizens with whom I spoke (secular and religious, right wing and left wing) considered the speech to be powerful and impressive.  They strongly agree with the points made.  The Left Wing Israeli media has taken a similar path to the U.S. media, making fun of the Prime Minister.  Again, the position is soooo divorced from the reality of the speech it exposes itself as obvious propaganda.

Our Reaction

That Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu would speak on the day before Taanis Esther and Purim on those threatening to destroy Israel is prophetic.  Various issues in the world are coming to a head, and Iran is being so aggressive that even the United States run by President Obama is likely to get drawn into a conflict with them – no matter how much President Obama tries to avoid it.  And trying to avoid it by allowing them a path to nuclear weapons is crazy.

Mr. Netanyahu showed leadership, strength and moral clarity at a time when it is lacking in the world.

Kol HaKavod Lo – Much respect!


  1. It was important that the PM knew his audience and communicated well. Which other leaders in the Knesset understand the US to this degree?

  2. I agree. "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy." This is stated from someone whom obviously understands what he is up against.
    I also loved when he told Obama "this is how you deal with Iran...."
    It's amazing that the US Admin had stated that NEtanyahu is a chicken...." Really? Many like myself see Obama as that....
    Prophetic? Oh, yes- very much so.

  3. But he does nothing as usual. He is very well known to be a talker, not a doer. He does not have what it takes to actually do anything about it and this is why he beg's for the western world to take care of the problem. Well, guess what, they are not and it's high time we take our destiny into our hands vs the world deciding it for us. Bibi is not one who can accomplish this task.

  4. Lev melachim b'yad H'. That's the main thing we have to keep in mind. Politics is just the physical means on how things are made to play themselves out. Bibi's coming just at the time of Taanit Esther is not by chance, because, in the end, everything comes from H'. This was a replay of our Purim history and se Bibi is Esther here. The Amaleikim (and the many who conspire)together with those who are playing the game of politics do not understand nor realize, they are tools in the Hand of H' all to their own detriment and to the benefit of Yisrael.


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