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Should a non-Jew Wear Tefillin?

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Should a non-Jew Wear Tefillin?


     Although I am not Jewish, I am fond of its traditions and principles regarding Torah. Should someone of non-Jewish origin inquire, or merit to wear a Tefillin.  

Thank you.


Gabe R.


Gutman's response:

Shalom Gabe,

     The Torah commands Jewish men to put on tefillin as a sign that we are Jews.[i] So obviously, tefillin are not appropriate for a non Jew. But Hashem did not forget you. You are not left without commandments to guide you to a successful spiritual life. G-d gave all people the Seven Commandments of Noah. These are the commandments for you, and you should lovingly follow these, and not the commandments that He gave to the Jewish People.     

     You have been born into your life as who you are for a good reason, and it is to your benefit to try to fulfill the commandments that you were born to.       

     Actually, all of us are children of Noah since Noah and his family were the only ones to survive the Flood. He is the historical father of all mankind, and all of us must follow his righteous path. But Jews were also given additional commandments which Jews are to follow, such as tefillin. So, in order for you to be righteous you must focus on your path and fulfill these Seven Commandments, and we must focus on ours. If you will follow these Commandments you will have a wonderful life in this world and a share in the World to Come.

     Look at this video and follow up on it by going to such sites as There are many thousands of non Jewish men and women all over the world finding spiritual fulfillment by becoming righteous children of Noah. You can meet with them on the internet. They often call themselves Noahides.

A Light Unto the Nations 

Be well


[i] Deuteronomy 6:8


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