Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Mind Your Own Business

​   by Reb Gutman Locks  

Mind Your Own Business


Hannah wrote;

     What's so wrong with intermarriage? My dad is Jewish and my mom isn't, and they've been happily married for 32 years. So why shouldn't they have ever married? Seems to me like you need to mind your own business and let People        love who they love.


Gutman's response:

     The Creator of the Universe has made a gorgeous rainbow. Each color has its own beauty, its own characteristics, its own unique place in creation. Often we see things that look good to us, but actually if we would be more objective we would see that there are other things that would be much better for us. But the young mind goes after its physical objectives, and often is blind to the higher, more precious spiritual objectives. This is why Hashem told us, "Do not follow after your heart and after your eyes for they will lead you astray".[i] Many things please the eyes and heart, but without the approval of the intellect, those nice looking things are most often not what we were created to achieve.

     If we mix all the colors of the rainbow we will be left with a single murky, grayish, greenish color instead of the vivid, individual beautiful colors that were intended.

     A Jewish woman's children are Jewish, and we love the Jewish people and we see how wonderful a color they are. We see what wonderful blessings these Jews bring into the world. Hashem bless the Jewish people, strengthen the Jewish people and multiply us over and over again. Let the beauty of each color of the rainbow shine.

     As for me minding my own business; when someone loses an object, we are obligated to return that object to its proper owner. So that lost Jewish boy who was thinking about marrying a non Jewish girl had lost his way, and it was my obligation to return him to his Owner.      


[i] Numbers 15:39



  1. Good answer, Reb Gutman. The lack of Jewish (Torah) knowledge of the 20/21st century Jew has been the biggest desroyer of Jews. How many thousands upon thousands of Jews have been lost because of the assimilation of so many Jews because of the 'freedom' to so easily assimilate? In other words, this is the old time Hellenism of ancient Greece. We never needed Moshiach as bad as we do now, because the destruction of the soul is the worst. Also, for those who do not understand the severity of this problem is what hurts the most.

  2. People are not colours in a rainbow. Time to get a grip.

  3. Frank: Intermarriage is against Divine Torah Law for every Jew and that is the whole answer. Jews who do not want to adhere to it and are cutting off their 4000 year connection is their problem, and it is a great problem. Judaism has nothing to do with what the world perceives as correct and just; those are just man made laws which change at the drop of a hat and the whim of man. Torah is eternal and is perfect and in the end, it will be the only laws for the Jewish nation.


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