Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Land or Torah?

​    by Reb Gutman Locks   

Land or Torah?


     This is how some religious voters like to put it when defending their political party's agreement to give areas of Israel to the Arabs. The ruling Israeli party offers them funding to support all of their full-time Torah students if they will agree to exchange land for an Arab promise of peace. They feel that the most important thing is Torah study, and that they should do whatever is necessary to support it.

     There is an example in the Torah that shows otherwise: If the majority of Jews living in an Israeli city would worship an idol, then that city is to be destroyed, so horrible is the sin of idolatry. However, if that city was located on the border of Israel then that city was not to be destroyed. The obvious reason is that city is guarding the border, and to destroy it would endanger the Jews living in the Land.

     We do not have to ponder the logic, we can see from the last time Israeli politicians decided to trade "Land for Peace" and they forcefully removed the valiant Jewish families from Gush Katif. The historical result has been that since giving away that Land Arab rockets have reached the Jewish city of Ashkelon and other Jewish cities that up until then they were unable to reach!

     As important is the funding of full time Torah studies, guarding the Land is even more important. Learning Torah is certainly the greatest mitzvah, but endangering innocent lives is a sin, and you cannot do a mitzvah with a sin. Do not support surrendering Jewish Land. Do not endanger Jewish lives for a promise of peace from anyone, especially not from someone who has already lied to you! 

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  1. This is the problem of Jews who have been so galutified, they cannot see the forest from the trees. H', Torah, Jews & the Land of Israel are one unit! Most of the mitzvot cannot even be performed outside of the Land of Israel. These Jews who would barter one for the other are no better than the Spies who sinned so greatly against H' after giving us the Land of Israel as an eternal inheritance. Kedushat Torah and Yisrael go together, just as we have Torah B'chtav and Torah b'al Peh; one without the other cannot be. When will we unite as one people/family, as the true children of Yisrael? Afraid it will be an uphill battle until Moshiach.


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