Monday, March 09, 2015


Interview with Yachad MK Candidate R. Baruch Marzel–Send Questions! #MarzelSpeaks

Tomorrow, G-d willing, I will have a chance to interview Israeli election candidate for the Israeli parliment on the Yachad (Together) party, Rabbi Baruch Marzel.  Rabbi Marzel is known as a bit of a right wing firebrand, and lives in a Jewish neighborhood in Hebron.  Rabbi Marzel is in the realistic #4 slot, meaning if the Yachad party successfully passes the electoral boundary, Rabbi Marzel will be in.

Yachad is a new party, though formed by members who spun off of Shas and Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) as well as a previously unsuccessful party Otzma Yisroel.  It represents a unique combination of national religious, charedi (ultra-orthodox), and nationalistic candidates.

If you are an Israeli voter and would like to suggest some interview questions, please add them in the comments below.  I will select from the questions to fit within the time constraint.

Here’s their party platform, in English (click for larger image)…  (Rabbi Marzel is on the far right… both in the picture and in his positions!)



  1. Will they let someone continue Dr. Vendyl Jones work, namely to drill a bore hole into the cave of the column in Qumran and all the things that may be hidden there as at the time he ran into strong political resistance against his research ?

  2. (1) What is the party's view about halting the destruction by Palestinian Arabs of antiquities from the Beis Hamikdash found near the Temple Mount?

    (2) What is the party's view about helping to arm the Kurds with advanced weaponry in their fight against ISIS and the Iranian militias, and in recognizing (a pro-Israel) Kurdistan? Because Obama is not arming them.

  3. Will they attack and reconquer Gaza?

  4. Will they conquer the Temple Mount and take down the mosques from there?

  5. Would you expel jews who support destruction of the state like Neturei Karta?


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