Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Emunah Tip of the Day

by Reb Nati @ Mystical Paths

Tips for an Emunah day.

Stay calm smile it's just an interactive video. Watch for Hashem’s hand.  If you look closely you will see it arrange everything.  Every word every sight and sound is a conversation from Hashem.  We just have to decode it. And what we see that we don't like is just the negative things we must find and fix in ourselves.

Pray pray pray.

Judge everyone kav schut (with a good eye), even yourself.  It's the only way take it through.  And most importantly do lose today, serve Hashem today.

Last but not least thank Hashem for everything you have and don't have and for the things you need and want......let me know how it goes praying for you to succeed.  So you can't lose.

Find the good point in everything.

It's our job not to be fooled into falling asleep and just watching the day dream steal our life away.

The video is similar everyday, it’s part of fooling us into believing it is the truth.  But our experience and our really is on a different plane entirely.  Everything looks great and real but for the most part everyone else is in a spiritual coma sound asleep and they will even fight you to stay there.  But have been chosen to wake up. And you have.

With hope you can use your emunah (faith) to straighten yourself. But beware there are those from the other side who will see that you are aware of the truth.  They will try and crush your hope.

Please smile.

Reb Nati


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