Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The Quiet Turmoil Grows Large

Turmoil and Chaos!  Revolutions, Wars, Insurgencies!  Anti-Semitism, Racism, Religious Conflict!

ALL of these are going on RIGHT NOW.  They’ve grown from rumors, warnings, and possibilities to active major world events.

Did we notice?  Or are we focused on whether an American News Announcer’s tales of war are true or exaggerated?  Whether the very rich have been caught hiding money to avoid taxes?  Or whether it’s now ok to eat fatty foods?

One of the consistent things we see in todays news media is the ignoring of events that will directly affect OUR future in favor of irrelevant items and items that have no direct impact on US.

The news is not lies, it’s worse… facts hiding the truth.

Here’s the world shaking events of the hour…

- Greece and the E.U.  New government seeks to cancel debt payments and austerity programs, and may be forced to withdraw from the E.U. (which may destabilize the Euro currency).  Oh, and is anti-semitic, to the point it may stop economic / gas/oil cooperation with Israel to the point of losing the opportunity to revitalize it’s economy.

- Ukraine and Russia.  Ukrainian civil war continues to become less civil as Russian troops are involved in the Ukraine.  U.S. is not meeting pledges of assistance to Ukraine, and Germany has been ineffective in stabilizing the situation.  Ukrainian and Scandinavian neo-fascists, neo-Nazis and mercenaries have been streaming into the fight on the side of the Ukraine as well.  One Russian parliament member warned the U.S. not to get involved on the threat of Russia bringing nuclear weapons. 

- Turkey and ISIS.  The Turkish government is tacitly supporting ISIS by allowing movement across the Turkish-ISIS border of people (jihadis going to join the nightmare) and oil (being sold by ISIS to finance their horror-state).  Turkey has now gone full Anti-Semite by accusing the World Jewish Lobby of trying to take them over, or the Mossad (Israel secret service) – it’s unclear which or if they understand there’s a difference between such concepts.  And also warning of the Armenian (previous genocide victims of Turkey) and Greek lobbies.  Maybe the better way of saying this is that the Turkey administration has gone Full Tilt Paranoid.  Move over Venezuela.

- Jordan and ISIS.  The Jordan government had been cooperating with the U.S. on “degrading ISIS”, a moderate number of air attacks to keep some pressure on, along with dealing with a mass influx of Syrian refugees.  With the execution by burning to death on live video of one of their shot-down pilots, Jordan has gotten serious.  They are now committed to doing all they can to damage or destroy ISIS, rather than playing along with the U.S.’s “some pressure” approach. 

- Japan and ISIS.  The beheading execution of several Japanese relief workers by ISIS has shocked and outraged Japan.  For the first time since World War II, Japan is talking militantly and about military actions.  The Japanese Prime Minister may very well use this event and outrage to revitalize the Japanese military, using the revitalization as a way to jump start the Japanese economy.  How does a more militant Japan react to pressures and conflict from China and North Korea?  And does it get involved in the situation in the Middle East?

- Iran and Everyone.  Iran has troops on Israel’s northern border, forces in Iraq, clients in Yemen, and continues to play nuclear chicken with the U.S. in negotiations. 

- Saudi Arabia and Oil Prices.  The price of a barrel of oil has fallen 60%+ over the last 6 months.  This is purely due to Saudi Arabia under-pricing and over-pumping.  The impact is massive, including… Venezuela's government income is mostly from oil, so is Russia and Iran’s.  The U.S. fracking industry, and Canada’s oil shale industry, is partially shutting down as it becomes not-cost-effective.  On the other hand, cost to the consumer of gasoline is down by 1/2, and that’s a big economic boost in consumer spending in the U.S., Canada, and China. 

These are the worldly events worth noticing.  Some former athlete’s gender confusion, why would we care?



  1. The informed know that the media is just the right arm of any government in most, if not all, countries and do and say what they are told. They purposely emphasize all the nonsense and make it a major news item, thus dumbing down the already dumbed down. If it were not for the open venue of the internet, definitely most would be in the dark about world events and even things within their respective countries. These are tumultous times (chevlei Moshiach). We need rachamim and doing teshuvah - praying that our Redemption will come speedily and with mercy.

  2. reply to Anon. IMO, definitely not. For sure there is always going to be some cooperation between the two, since they both need each other, but in Israel and in the US both from where I assume most of the readers here are coming from, the media is leftist oriented since that was the political orientation of most of the students and faculty over the past generation.


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