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The Blue Light Returns

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


The Blue Light Returns

Michael asks:

     I've had many dreams. My last dream -- went like this:

     I mediated on G-d, fell asleep. During my sleep, I felt myself traveling upwards through darkness. I couldn't see anything as the darkness was thick. When I stopped moving upward I saw a beautiful blue hue of color all around me. The blue was like the blue screen a computer has. I did not have any depth perception because the blue color was against my eyes. I saw that the blue color was constant. As I concentrated on the blue color, I felt as though something else was to begin. Then I realized that I wasn't alone. I felt a presence. I said out loud; "Are you here." A soft voice responded; "I've always been here." I then heard the voice say; "Are you ready to go back." I said "Yes" and then I felt myself going back downward this time. The blue light disappeared. I'd be interested if you'd explain it to me. Actually, I think I already know the answer.


Gutman's response:

     From; "Taming the Raging Mind"

    Some Tai Chi practitioners deliberately try to generate a blue light to show the energy moving throughout their body. They manifest this blue light somewhat like a ball of light held between the palms of their hands as they practice their movement meditations. 

    These light experiences are also the source of the "halo" symbol commonly drawn around the head of a picture of a person to identify him as a "saint." Initially, this light seems like steel white in color. Since it is light, it is at first very attractive, but later its heaviness becomes evident.  It is then seen to be a shade of blue. 

    Although the East Indian discipline claims blue to be the highest color,[ii] Jewish sources write that blue is actually the lowest color.[iii]  It is even called the sick color that must be avoided when appearing in dreams.[iv]  The Torah and Eastern teachings on this subject are absolutely opposite.  This is not an insignificant difference.  What you seek in your meditation will depend on which system you follow.  If you do experience such a vision, where you end up will certainly be affected by which path you trust. 


Michael objects:

     Why is the shade of blue that surrounded me in my dream considered not good in Judaism? I have never undergone any training in mediation, nor did I ever read any material on eastern practices on this topic – it just happened while concentrating on G-d. Basically, I followed the same pattern of prayer as Shemonei Esrei does. I started with praise and acknowledgement of G-d, followed by requests, and then completed with gratitude and then, whammo, it just happened; I was surrounded by blue. It wasn't a dark blue, like violet or purple, it was a deep blue that was thick. In my dream I tried to see my body as I looked down, but my body wasn't there, all I could see was the blue light. So I felt off balance in my dream so I remained as still as possible, it was then that I asked, "Are you here," and I heard, "I've always been here,".  

     I'll purchase the book and read it thoroughly, but I politely request that you prime me on this because I'll be reading from the perspective of a person who has experienced this in a dream. There was a message given to me here. I didn't try to produce the light as you mentioned Tai Chi practitioners do -- it just happened to me.


Gutman explains:

     Our search is for the Infinite One, not for someone you have to ask, "Are You there?"

     In the example of light; the light passes through a prism and we see the seven beautiful colors. The more you pay attention to the colors the quicker you forget the light.


Michael sees the light:

     I'm there Rabbi. Thanks a bunch. I look forward to reading your book.


[ii] "The Blue Pearl", Muktananda.

[iii] Zohar Chadash 68:4.

[iv] Gemora Berakoth 57b.


  1. Why were the bricks below the throne of Hashem in the vision granted the Elders of the tribes as Moshe ascended Sinai made of blue sapphire color, as were the Luchot of the Ten Pronouncements (xians say Commandments) which were sapphire blue, transparent and readable from any angle (like a modern hologram)?

  2. Those Torah sources say that blue is the lower color in visions and the sick color in dreams...not in Tablets and fringes.

  3. I quote the following verbatim from Sefer Chareidim (Chap. 3):

    The generality of the 9 Sefiroth is called the 'White Light' and the Malchuth, which is the techeleth [indigo/blue] light, is the 'kisei' [throne] to the White Light and all together are a 'kisei' to the [Prime] Emanator, blessed be He, because all ten are one unity with no seperation, like the light of a flame, which is white light above and techeleth (blue) light below, and the techeleth is a kisei to the white.

    And the people who He chose, He commanded them to cleave with their thoughts to this techeleth light and they are like the wick that is bound to it the techeleth light and on it is the white light, thus they are bound to both together (i.e. through binding to the techeleth, we bind also to the White Light).

    This is what it means - "You who are cleaving to HaShem your G-d, you are all living" - that is to say, even though you are like the wick bound to the techeleth light, which consumes, as it says - "for HaShem your G-d is a consuming fire" ... nonetheless, you will not be consumed; on the contrary, through cleaving to HaShem your G-d you are living and thriving..


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