Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Meditation Slows Ageing Symptoms

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


Meditation Slows Ageing Symptoms


     A new study[i] showed again that daily meditation can slow such age-related problems as; developing mental illness, loss of muscle control, loss of sight, hearing, memory, and can prevent increased emotions, confusion in decision making, and increases self control. These are certainly good reasons to begin practicing meditation.

     Although most popular meditation techniques have some connection to Eastern religions, there are plenty of entirely mechanical (non spiritual techniques), or Jewish techniques available.  

     Here is a simple technique that you can practice a couple of times a day and see if anything changes in your life.

     Sit comfortably, in a place and time that has the least distractions. Breathe slowly and gently in and out through your nose. "Watch" your breath as it moves slowly in and slowly out through your nostrils. "Watch" in this sense means, be aware of, pay attention to, feel either its temperature or the pressure against the inside of the nostrils as it moves in and out.

     In all meditation practice when you try to focus on the chosen subject, be it your breath, or a holy name of Hashem, or whatever, your thoughts and attention are going to drift away from the subject back into your normal mind chatter. As soon as you see that your attention has drifted away, gently return to the subject, over and over again.

     This type of meditation is called "passive" because when you focus on a subject that you are not interested in learning anything about, your mind becomes passive. Passive meditation produces strong results very quickly; such as, after merely one or two minutes you will become noticeably relaxed, calm, your blood pressure will reduce, anxiety will be relieved…, but there is also a danger in entirely passive meditation. You may enjoy it so much that you might decide to do it many hours a day! This will begin to remove you from your worldly activities, and this is not the goal of Jewish meditation.

     To prevent this, as you breathe in and out, every few cycles of watching the air move in and out, remember the line from the Torah, that Hashem breathes the breath of life into man.[ii] This means that right now Hashem is breathing our breath in and out. Then, after you remember that it is Hashem Who is the Life-force of the world, return to watching your breath, over and over again.

     Try this for some 10 to 20 minutes in the morning and again in the evening. Within a couple of weeks you will begin to see a noticeable change in your life.

     If you prefer a practice with visual and audio input see this video.

A Jewish Meditation Technique 

     To learn more about meditation read Taming the Raging Mind


44 The article appeared online in the journal of Frontiers in Psychology.

[ii] Genesis 2:7


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