Monday, February 02, 2015


Left Wing Cloud CooKoo Land

The intrepid DovBear, a committed U.S. left wing democratic hack, decided to draw me into an argument by throwing around some snide remarks – a favorite approach.  Sadly, it worked.

Here are the words of the left-wing fanatic…  with a bit of fisking of mine in the middle, and an extended reply at the end.

“Jonathan Schanzer : What kind of person gets pissed about a visit to Congress but is cool with a terror state spinning centrifuges & obscuring a nuke program?”

This is the sort of snappy statement that counts as learned discourse among our friends on the right. Unfortunately, it can't withstand even an instant of scrutiny. The fallacy: No one is "cool" with the "terror state spinning centrifuges" Everyone in the West opposes it!”

---> #Hashtag #Hashtag #MakingNukesIsBad Ok, opposition covered. 

And if we go a little deeper, we can see how this tweet reveals exactly what's bankrupt about the RW worldview. They actually believe that Obama is "cool" with Iran going nuclear, when in reality* he's forcefully stated the opposite on numerous occasions.

--> Indeed, U.S. President Obama has responded with a STERLY MADE TELEPROMPTER STATEMENT.  And then lifted sanctions on Iran.  Forceful statements = action, lifting sanctions = unimportant opinions

But because the Obama plan for stopping Iran doesn't fulfil the warmongering wishes of the RW, these idiots have concluded that he's "cool" with Iran going nuclear.

--> The plan, as far as I can tell, is lifting sanctions, increasing business, not assisting internal dissidents, and chatting for years in Brussels.  Oh, and the occasionally STERLY WORDED TELEPROMPTER STATEMENT.  Not only doesn’t that fulfill any wishes, it doesn’t qualify as a plan.  It’s only slightly above ignoring the issue completely – if it doesn’t actively qualify as ASSISTING the Iranians by lifting the sanctions.  Doing nothing (not changing the previous status quo) would have been more effective.

*Once again, reality has a liberal bias
You can see the same brain-damaged reasoning at work in any discussion of Israel. According to the RW, opposing their plans and policies = being anti Israel. They simply are unable to process the fact that you can stand with Israel without standing with Bibi Netanyahu.

--> With this statement we enter Cloud CooKoo land.  If the author lived in Colorado, we’d ask what brand he was smoking – clearly high potency.  During the Obama presidency, Iran has made significant strides in becoming a major regional hegemonic power.  They’ve taken partial control in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.  They’ve fomented revolution in Bahrain.  They’ve significantly expanded their military capability, missile capability, and their nuclear weapons program.  They continue to threaten genocide, and have moved forces right up to Israel’s northern border. 

During this time Obama has made some STERLY WORDED TELEPROMPTER STATEMENTS and LIFTED SANCTIONS on Iran.  That may not be anti-Israel, as it could be just disengagement from the world.  But it certainly can’t be considered standing with Israel except in Cloud CooKoo land.

Dear DB,

Your unwavering 110% support for every Whitehouse democrat is amazing. No evaluation of results or consideration of methods. Go Dems!

Results matter, as do methods. Frankly if the O did his Egyptian pivot and Israel suppression and got a calmed down Middle East, I would grumble but grudgingly say "yeah, that sucked (for us) but there's peace and stability". And of course, as top priority, if the US (he's US president after all) ended up in a stronger political or economic or moral position after his actions, I would choke it up and say "well, the president does decide US international priorities and interests - and he decided the resulting (political or economic or moral) position is the priority".

But the results so far - getting worse every day (for the US and overall, and Israel).

Maybe those are the results he wants... an isolated withdrawn US and letting the world stew. But as the conditions deteriorate, so do the economic opportunities. Isolation has it's own price.

On posting this, someone commented…  So, who are we supposed to support, since you can't stand either the Democrats or the Republicans, and like it or not, politically they are the only game in town in US politics (one of the third parties are never going to take the place of either the GOP or DNC).   So, as an anti GOP and anti Dem, what's your solution?

U.S. President Reagan's best years were when he had to fight/through with Tip O'Neil, Democrat leader of the House. Clinton's best years were when he had to fight/through with Newt Gingrich. When the Rep. president's administration keeps being reviewed/investigated by the Democratic congress - it (somewhat) stays in line, doesn't excessively abuse power, and get's caught when going too far.

When the Dem. president's administration is being reviewed/investigated by a Rep. congress - it also stays in line, doesn't excessively abuse power, and get's caught when going to far.

But when the president and administration and congress is NOT having to compromise on legislation, when congress limits, minimizes or eliminates oversight duties - when there are NO investigations and no one being "caught", over 8 years it grows into horrific excess, abuse of power, and large scale criminal acts with no recourse.

This tends to be worse with the Democrats, as the media – where 90% of the reporters state they vote Democrat – provides some investigative check against a Republican administrations.  When it’s a Democrat administration, the media plays cheerleader.


  1. Hashem runs the world and Iran is just a stick in Hashem's hands. The Jewish children gathering to learn Torah is what stopped Haman. How many Jewish children, even in Israel, are deprived of a Torah education?

  2. Giving any credibility to DB in an argument just fuels his warped visions.


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