Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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Dear G-d…

by Reb Gutman Locks

Dear G-d…


      A Charedi boy is leaning against the new doorway to the inside area of the Kotel writing a note to Hashem.

     It has been a custom for some time to leave a note with a personal prayer between the stones of the Kotel and at the gravesites of Jews who lived holy lives. The idea is that Hashem listens more closely to prayers at these holy places.

     Prayer is a good way to become aware of Hashem's Presence. After all, if He weren't present what good would our prayers be? The fact is that Hashem is equally present everywhere at all times. There is no more of Hashem in a holy place than in an unholy place. But in holy places Hashem allows His Presence to be experienced more readily than in unholy places. Thus the custom of leaving prayer notes at the Kotel and at the graves of people who lived righteous lives.

     And, how should we pray our personal prayers? We should talk to G-d like we talk to our father when he is standing very close to us. The gemora tells us when we pray for others, especially for the very things that we need, Hashem will answer our prayers quicker. When we feel for others, Hashem "feels" for us. 


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