Monday, February 23, 2015


100% Charity Direct for PURIM

This is Mystical Paths 100% Charity Direct to the Needy for Purim Campaign!

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Matanot L’evyonim, gifts to the poor for Purim.  Mishne Torah Hilchos Megillah says we should INCREASE in the amount given to the poor instead of giving more Shloach Manos or having a bigger Seudas Purim (Purim Party).   “During the year when giving charity, one may check and see if a person is deserving / in need.  On Purim, one should give happily to anyone who asks for it, since Matanot L’evyonim has the purpose of creating Purim joy…”

HAVE YOU WONDERED, HOW MUCH OF YOUR CHARITABLE DONATION IS ACTUALLY GOING TO THE POOR?  And how much goes to the advertisement cost, how much to the office and people answering the phone?  How much to the charity collector?  And while these are all valid expenses, can it be that as much as 50% of your donation is going to overhead and operating costs and salaries / commissions?

We at Mystical Paths say this is simply unacceptable!  For the past 9 years and this year as well we are offering to be your agent to fulfill the mitzvah of Matanot L’evyonim, charity gifts to the poor for Purim, with the poor and needy of Israel… with NO operating overhead, office expenses, salaries, commissions, or advertising fees. Just 100% charity direct to the poor for Purim (minus only Paypal transaction fees of ~3 1/2% and currency conversion costs of 1%).  We do so as a registered Israeli charity with rabbinical supervision – details available upon request. 

People say we’re crazy, not taking a cut or commission, and spending our whole Purim morning delivering money to the needy instead of running around giving out pretty wrapped mishloach manos.  We say the mitzvah of helping those in need is simply more important, and helping them out as much as possible on Purim is critical!  Help us help them!

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needyWe have neighbors in need, people who can’t afford clothes for their children, can’t cover medical costs, have had their bank accounts seized and sometimes even their refrigerators seized to cover debts. 

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Why would we help these people? I’ll tell you why – it’s a mitzvah, it’s chessed, it’s sometimes literally saving a life, and because SOMETIMES THEY ARE YOU!  Sometimes, G-d forbid, it’s your friend in need of help, or your neighbor, or even your rabbi, or even – G-d forbid, YOU AND ME.

So while the evil inclination would prefer us to ignore those in need, we have an OBLIGATION to do so.

Bring some light and happiness and joy to those who are in NEED.  Donate today, RIGHT NOW, to help the poor and needy for Purim in Israel.

The YETZER Hara – the evil inclination - says: “I vote sit!  Go watch a nice video instead.  Do not donate!”

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In the merit of helping those in need for Purim, may HaKodesh Baruch Hu bring you and your family abundant blessings for Purim and every day of the year!

A special note to all those who have donated in past years:  Thank you so much for the unbelievable merit of being your shaliach, your agent, in bringing charity to the poor and needy of our neighborhood in Israel for Purim.  It’s truly been an honor to do so for you.


  1. In Israel it is illegal to seize a fridge and other basic items.

  2. The point is that Israel has debt collectors which come to a poor person's door, barge in and take their household items! And then, if they are actually poor, the value of the goods taken rarely cover the cost of the collection - so the debt INCREASES with the efforts of the collection service.

    Similarly, a debt which is assigned to a collection lawyer, say a NIS 200 shekel debt to the phone company, immediately becomes a NIS 1,700 shekel debt due to the "collection lawyer handling fee". If a person is unable to pay it off, or wasn't properly contacted, this fee will be added yearly such that their NIS 200 shekel debt will be NIS 5,000 shekel after 3 years.

    A nightmare and disaster for those in need.


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