Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Why I Love YouTube

   by Reb Gutman Locks    

Why I Love YouTube


       Early this morning, as I was setting up for the minyan (quorum) at the Kotel, this boy from Argentina rushed up to me with a big smile.

     "I had to see you," he said with a thick Argentinean accent. "I saw your video with the pastor, and right away I broke off from my not Jewish girlfriend, and now I am here in Jerusalem in the Yeshiva for the next three months. Thank you very much." He shook my hand.

    "Answers to a Pastor", Answers to a Pastor  has been uploaded with Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Serbian subtitles. It has received well over one million views! 

Pastor Video Spanish 

     One of the answers that I gave to the pastor was, that every Jew who has followed that pastor's beliefs, his grandchildren are called Luke and John and not Moshe and Aaron. They have intermarried and their families are no longer Jewish.

     When this young man heard what I said, he called up his non Jewish girlfriend and immediately broke off their relationship. He showed me with his fingers that he tore the relationship apart.

     That boy was totally assimilated into Argentinean society. There was no way that he would have walked into a Jewish book store and buy a book explaining why he should not intermarry. Thanks to the internet, and YouTube, now we can get into his home and from there into his head. Look how his life has changed because of this modern technology. Thank G-d for YouTube.


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