Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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The Aleph Bet

by Reb Gutman Locks   


The Aleph Bet


     Jewish mysticism tells us that when Hashem formed the entire creation He did so with the letters of the Aleph Bet. The creation is a wonderful opportunity, and we can see this spelled out for us when we read the Aleph Bet as a sentence.

     Father, good fortune has come that the 7 (days) are grains of completion, traveling forward breaking forth rejoicing a precious foundation.


אב גד הו א  ז חטי  כלמ נסע פצ ה יקר שת ות


Father     אב

Good Fortune   גד

that הו א  

7 (days of creation)   ז

grains of  חטי    

completion    כלמ

traveling   נסע

breaking forth (rejoicing) פצ ה

precious[i] יקר   

put, foundation  שת ות


[i] Proverbs 17:27:  and precious  וקר    or construct of יקר


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