Thursday, January 29, 2015

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   by Reb Gutman Locks  



Abba asks:

      I've seen a lot of people pushing the practice of "mindful meditation" but I know that mindful meditation has Buddhist roots. So, is it similarly treif (not kosher) like yoga in that we should warn others to stay away?


Gutman's reply:

     "Mindfulness" has become a general term for the meditation technique of paying attention to the mind's activity and trying to discern one's self from one's thoughts. The name is certainly Buddhist. But, as with yoga, the techniques are not the problem. The problem comes when the spiritual philosophies, the idolatrous teachings, also come with the techniques.

     For instance, Buddhist mindfulness will quickly instill the idea that "there is no self," whereas the Torah teaches that the "self" is a portion of Hashem from the highest place. Even if these two different concepts can somehow be rationalized, it is dangerous for a Jew to learn Buddhist concepts as the vast majority of them contradict the Torah's teachings. For instance, although Buddhists like to claim that Buddhism is a non-theistic religion (a philosophy), and most Buddhists claim that there is no overall G-d, the fact is they do claim that there are many, many deities.

     Buddhism does not own the subtle paying attention to the mind's activity, and this practice can be very helpful, but they do own the "no-self" and "many deities" concepts.

     See the new video "Judaism vs. Buddhism-Hinduism". It will point out more contradictions between our beliefs and theirs.

Judaism vs. Buddhism - Hinduism 

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