Monday, January 26, 2015


Judaism vs. Buddhism – Hinduism (link)

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Judaism vs. Buddhism – Hinduism

     The differences between our beliefs and theirs are not just social. There are major structural differences between our teachings. Yet, many Jews believe that they can follow those beliefs and not compromise the Torah's teachings. 

    A young man who had been learning in one of the local yeshivas announced that he was going to go to India to study the Eastern religions. The rabbi asked me to speak with him. Here is part of our conversation.

Judaism vs. Buddhism - Hinduism 

(video link)



  1. Watching that video was quite disturbing, seeing that there are young Jewish sons/daughters so utterly confused. Wonder how and who raised them. This is the price paid for the 'so-called freedoms' and assimilation of the galut. Important that emphasis be made that Torah Judaism is the ETERNAL TRUTH and not a religion. Otherwise, we are equating this Truth with avodah zorah.

  2. rav Locks the benefits of meditation and serenity traps jewish souls into eastern beliefs . my father and brother and me to a leser extent have studied buddhist and hindu teachings . I agree though its a trap looks good sounds good but before you know god is many gods not ONE God ie Hashem echad . Buddhists and hindus make up 3 billion people and we havent tasted crusades pogroms shoahs suicide bombers from them ,I believe they are on the cusp B"H of being bnei noah because they dont feed on jewish blood and never did . Maybe its aprapo to compare them to Moshes uncle yitro an idolater who Moshe prostated too when he saw his repentence from being a priest of Elohime acharime .

  3. After seeing Gil in the Rova, saying boker tov to him with no reply but a very sour face, maybe learn something of human decency from the Buddists. All the hatred but can't be a decent human, something is terribly wrong Gil.

  4. Shiloh, I did not see you, and am totally under the weather, taking antibiotics, even unable to help with tefillin for almost a week! Sorry for the sour face but in truth i did not see you. I always welcome hellos on the street. Be well

  5. Reuah Shleimah Rav Gutman, please remember to take pro-biotics during and after your anti-biotics, they will help digestion.


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