Wednesday, January 07, 2015

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Flowers for an Israeli Storm

Israeli winter weather is very…chaotic.  Warm rain, cold rain, windy, dry, dusty, hot, very windy, snowy.  However, with winter bringing seasonal rains – winter is when nature explodes with growth in Israel.

The erev Shabbos before last, I took a hike with my daughter to Tel Socho.  Socho is a town from the time of the Mishna, an ancient town who’s foundations, walls, oil and grape presses, are still there.  And while the surrounding hills are scrub growth, Tel Socho is covered with fruit trees and wild flowers…

The first flowers to pop up around Israel in winter are the red poppy. They last until the warm days of spring and then disappear until next year…



This flower is called a rakefet in Hebrew – I don’t know the English name.  It pops up in the shade and next to rocks…




The “turmasim” or purple lupin is a mid-spring blooming flower.  We ran into this lonely very early bloomer in a field that will be completely purple in another 2 months…



And while later in spring there will be many mustard flowers, for now the fields are filled with little…daisies or something like that…



And a bit of wildlife showed up…



Shalom from Eretz HaKodesh, the Holy Land, the Land of Israel, G-d’s gift to the Jews…


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