Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Early Israel Election Posters

The real election push hasn’t started yet, the parties are required to finalize their candidates and combinations/relationships this week – which means signs are early just to get preliminary responses or other election games.  Here’s what’s up…

(With corrections by a friendly commentor… who got the nuances I missed.)

Eli Yishai’s Party “Together” presents… "The Right of Torah"!  He’s right, and he’s a Torah guy!  (No, not right-correct, rather right wing.) Now you no longer have to be liberal lefty if you wear a black kippah (the religious parties have never been lefties – rather they stay in their narrow focus and will join either side that supports their focus)…


Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) presents their Stop Apologizing (for Israel’s existence and defending itself)…. the campaign is a good one, but the party colors are DULL and DRAB.  The opposite of eye catching.


Otzma Yehudit, the Strength of Israel party, is a perenial also-ran, meaning he keeps almost getting in.  They missed seats in the last election by about 300 votes.  His is just a sticker campaign, but they’re everywhere in my neighborhood.  It simply says “Give it To Them!” – a play on being strong on defense as well as getting them into the parliament.


And that’s it so far.  Next week we’ll probably see an explosion of campaign literature.  The printing companies are happy with the election!  Everyone else, not so much.

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  1. Yishay's poster doesn't say "Days of Torah" it says "The Right of Torah" meaning he is the politically right party that represents Torah world.

    Also, Ben Ari's poster says more like "Give it to them" (ie: show the Arabs what we are made of)


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