Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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​   by Reb Gutman Locks



A Reader Asks:

     Could you please let me know what prayers you recommend for asking G-d to bless us with children?


Gutman's response:

     Not everyone is blessed with all of the wonderful things in life. Most of us would change something if we could. One of the obvious things we do is to beseech Hashem for what we want, but there are other things that we must do, too.

     Before we discuss prayer, make sure that you have taken care of all of the practical things that should be done. Have you sought out the fertility doctors' advice? There are many simple practical things that can be tried such as alternating schedules so every night of the available times are tried. There are medical tests to see if some very minor surgery is needed. Today there are procedures being commonly done that some 10 or 20 years ago were not available. So, first check with the standard medical advisors.

     Next, also check with the alternative medical practitioners. Sometimes they have procedures that can help.

     As to prayer, Hashem sometimes withholds the blessing of children to encourage prayer. You and your husband should pray every day for healthy children. The Talmud tells us that whenever we need something and seem to be unable to get it, we should sincerely pray for others whom we know who also need that very thing, and then Hashem will grant us our needs first.

     Also, put a charity box in your home and every day put a coin in it and ask Hashem for the blessing of healthy children.

     Finally, if G-d forbid, this blessing is not to be granted, I suggest doing what the Lubavicher Rebbe did. He was a man whose prayers often worked miracles allowing many apparently barren women to have children. Some of my dear friends tell me that they are in the world because the Rebbe beseeched Hashem for them. But strangely, his wife (the previous Rebbe's daughter) was barren! So the Rebbe took care of his loss by filling his family with hundreds of thousands of Jews whom he guided and loved in such a way that they felt like his children. If, G-d forbid, Hashem refuses our prayers for your natural children then see how many people you can help in a way that their own mothers can't.

    I will place your name between the stones of the Kotel when I return this evening, with the prayer that He will grant you your heart's desire. Please G-d, you will be able to send me good news.



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