Monday, December 08, 2014

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The Jews are Bombing My Backyard

imageThe Jews are bombing my backyard!  At first I thought it was aliens, you know, the subterranean type.  They’re the worst, because they can pop up anywhere under your feet and you can’t see them comin’, not even with my infrared night vision goggles.

But then I learned that Jews cause earthquakes and tsunamis, though I don’t care about tsunamis as I don’t eat any of that Japanese raw food stuff, and I knew that I had it figured out!

By god, it’s that darned Israeli air force bombing my back yard!  I mean, they bomb wherever they want, the news says so, even if they’re too shy to brag about it.  Uppity Jews.

So now I’ve got it out for those Jews, messin’ with a man’s property and all.  Everyone knows the Jews’ll steal your house out from under your feet, look what they did with Palestine.

Moles, what about moles?  I didn’t invite any moles into my yard.  No-suree-bob, those holes ain’t moles.  It’s the Jews.


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