Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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The Holy Old City

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

The Holy Old City


     "Enter His gates with thanksgiving, His courtyards with praise, give thanks to Him, bless His Name."[i]

     King Dovid gave us this wonderful tool. Dovid was the beloved of Hashem so he knew how to come into Hashem's Presence. His words were not merely instructions on how to enter G-d's physical, Holy Temple. They are instructions for every generation, showing us how to come into Hashem's very Presence today.

     Thanking Him moves us through the outer gate. Then, to come even closer, we move on from thanking Him to blessing Him… calling to mind all of His greatness that we can. The more we recall, the brighter the glory.

     At the very entrance say such things as, "Thank you for bringing me this close, for my life, my health, my family. Thank you for showing me that you are real, for showing me that I can approach your Holiness…" and you will find yourself inside His outer gate. 

     Now, tell Hashem just how great you think He is. "Hashem You fill and surround all. You are the very Source and Being of life. To see You is the very purpose of my life. You are all that I want…." and you will find yourself in His inner courtyard, and you try to cling to the tiniest glimmer of the radiance of His Presence, for even the briefest second.


[i] Psalms 100:4 


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