Sunday, December 28, 2014


My Tea is Explosive!


Every day of life is an opportunity.  An opportunity to do a mitzvah, to do something nice, to learn Torah, and even to learn interesting things about this world.

My son knows I enjoy a nice cup of tea, so he bought me a glass teapot for brewing loose tea – particularly nice for me to prepare loose leaf brewed tea for Shabbos before Shabbos.  Naturally this meant I had to run out and find some loose tea before Shabbos.  During my hunt through a local health food store, I came across the tea shown above, “Special Gunpowder”!  Is it tea, or black powder, fireworks, or what?

Turns out “special gunpowder” is tea where the whole tea leaf is rolled, resulting in a bullet-like shape.  “The tighter the roll, the better quality tea.”

It makes a very nice cup of brewed loose leaf tea, comes in a compact size, and has a unique flavor that I am enjoying.

…And it’s not explosive.  Just tasty.  And good for you.  And kosher (these boxes have a kosher certification on the bottom – and though in the past a purely natural product like tea leaves may not have required kosher supervision, in this modern age of food technology where binders, fillers, and preservatives are sprayed upon and mixed in with seemingly 100% natural products, kosher supervision has become necessary.)


  1. If you examine anything close enough, it's treif.

  2. According to major kosher supervising agencies in the US, just plain old tea (whether loose or in bags) does not require kosher supervision.

    However, China is extremely polluted, and for that reason many teas contain lead or mercury or other contaminants. Buying organic tea will likely reduce or eliminate such contaminants, because the tea is produced in more pristine areas, where there is less pollution (in addition to the lack of toxic pesticide application).


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