Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Reb Hillel Particher, zt”l, a chossid of Chabad of yesteryear who was described as “1/2 a Rebbe”, was once farbrenging with a group of chassidim. The wine was running low, and the chassidim sent a chossid to the cellar to bring some more. As he descended into the cellar, he was struck by the absolute darkness, and exclaimed, “It’s dark in here!” The response came back, “Don’t worry, that’s only in the beginning. You get used to it and it becomes brighter.”

Reb Hillel commented, “That’s the problem! When you get used to the darkness you start to mistaken the darkness for light...”


  1. The Rebbe says that in our generation we have the power to convert the darkness so that it in of itself illuminates and gives off light.

    Maamar Tana Rabana Mitzvah Ner Chanukah 5738


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