Monday, December 29, 2014


Is Tulpamancy Kosher?

First, what the heck is “tulpamancy”?  “Tulpas are sentient beings imagined into existence using meditation-style exercises. Their creators, known as “tulpamancers”, form a ‘subculture’ organized through the Internet.

The concept apparently comes via Tibetan mystic monks, who practice a method of creating sentient beings from the power of concentrated thought.  Sometime around 2009 this idea along with requisite instructions got picked up by some Internet culture group, with thousands of people engaging in the Tibetan mystic medication practice to create sentient imagined beings via focused medication…

But not some type of Hindu or Buddhists spiritual figures, rather they focus on modern imaginings such as… bringing my little ponies to life or anime’ or sci-fi/fantasy or cartoon style characters/beings.

So how’s this different than people just daydreaming?

image“These are just people with imaginary friends, right? Not really – tulpas are believed to be conscious beings with their own preferences, and they're not completely under their host’s control.  Tulpas are understood as mental constructs that have achieved sentience.  Nearly 40 percent of respondents report that their tulpas “felt as real as a physical person”, while 50.6 percent described them as “somewhat real… distinct from [their] own thoughts”.

So we’ve established that this is weird and different.  But is it kosher?

It seems clear from the description that people involved in this practice do long extended periods of focused meditation, medication based on Tibetan mystic meditation, to alter their thinking patterns / mind / and/or subconscious mind interactions to alter their perceptions of reality and cause an intentional split-personality disorder.

“A Tulpa is a self imposed hallucination that interacts with all 5 senses. This practice was first done by Tibetan Buddhists in ancient times. You will be able to see, hear, smell and touch (without solidity of course, but this will be explained later) your tulpa just like you would a normal person. A tulpa is a forced hallucination, a schism of your own consciousness.”

With little doubt, causing a “schism in your own consciousness” is not a healthy act.  As Jews we are required to guard our health – which includes our bodies and minds, and preludes us from practices that put our bodies and minds at risk.

Due to this, involving oneself in Tulpamancy is NOT KOSHER. 

There is an alternative view of Tuplamancy that says one is not creating a schism in their consciousness, but rather creating an invitation for an external spiritual entity to come take up shared residence in ones mind. 

“Metaphysically, a tulpa is an ethereal being that you, bring into existence through hours of meditation, visualization, and energy manipulation. To those who are familiar with metaphysics, they can also be grouped in the same category as Sigils, Servitors, Egregores, and Godforms (listed from least powerful to most). Somewhere nestled between the Servitor and the Egregore is the Tulpa. A self-aware, self-acting, ethereal being.  It is an astral being.”

Inviting spiritual entities into your mind / body is downright dangerous!  Whether this is purely a matter of short-circuiting the mind or rather giving spritiual entities a pathway, which they then want to use and push you towards physical actions, in either case the result appears to be mental illness in the form of voices and pushes towards actions without full voluntary control.  Setting oneself up for this intentionally?

Absolutely forbidden for a Jew.  (Or anyone!)

“Entities will harm you if you open yourself up to such a level. I did that and it nearly made me schizo.”

Stay away, far far away. from Tulpamancy.


  1. Disturbing that we are living in a time where so many Jews are unaware of their own identity and pure Torah heritage which is the ONLY truth there is. Soon as one reads (knows) that the source of this new mishegas is Tibetan, it already gives itself away and every Jew needs to know that it is 'treif'. Anything spiritual (ruchnius) for the Jew can only be taken from our Torah, the source of all TRUTH.

  2. Please Dear Hashem, tell me we really are at the end. Please.

  3. First, I am an admitted tulpamancer. Secondly, I am a Jew. Thirdly, I am a psychiatrist. Fourth, The data gathered by social scientists regarding tulpamancy is overwhemingly positive. Tulpa's ARE healthy and create well being and happiness among those who practice it. While true that a small majority of tulpamancers have a mental illness before starting the practice, the vast majority of those report improvement in their mental health and a decrease in their symptomology. If your only objection to the practice is that it is bad for you, please go to the literature, because it is not and this is supported by the data. Thank you, Dr. Robert Newport


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