Sunday, December 14, 2014

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Dreams Dreams Dreams

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Dreams Dreams Dreams


     Hashem used dreams to reveal His plans to Yosef. Then He linked those dreams to more dreams, and these dreams led to even more dreams. Dreams, dreams, and dreams.

     The first dreams were Yosef's dreams that caused his brothers great disdain for him and led to them selling him as a slave into Egypt. But really those dreams should have been welcomed, if only the brothers had understood their meanings.

     Yosef's first dream was of his sheaf rising up, and their sheaves bowing down to his. The sheaves were of grain so they represented sustenance. The brothers did not know that there was going to be a severe famine, and they would have to go to Yosef for grain in order to survive. Had they known that this was going to happen they would have been very thankful for Yosef's sheaf being able to provide for them and their families.

     Yosef's next dream, of the Sun and Moon and 11 stars bowing down to him, made his brothers even more furious, but had they known that indeed Hashem was going to elevate Yosef to kingship they would have been proud to have such a brother.

     Hashem gave Yosef those two dreams that led to his slavery and to his imprisonment. Then, He gave two dreams to Pharaoh's servants. Their dreams also had to do with sustenance, Pharaoh's sustenance. Because of Yosef's two dreams he was imprisoned, and because of their two dreams he was taken out of prison.

     Then came Pharaoh's two dreams, which were actually one in that they dealt with the same subject, but it was repeated so it came to Pharaoh twice. Pharaoh's dream was also about sustenance, sustenance of his entire area of the world. Then, Hashem used Pharaoh's dream to elevate Yosef from the dungeon to the throne, and to save the world from famine.

     Hashem led them from this dream to that dream, and then from that dream to this dream. Dreams, dreams, dreams. 


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