Friday, December 19, 2014

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Chanukah–Light on the Right

by Reb Aharon Rubin, author of Eye to the Infinite…

מזוזה מימין נר חנוכה משמאל

The Gemoro says that one should light the menorah by the door, the Mezuzoh on the right doorpost and the menorah on the left. The door, says the holy Reshash, is shaped like a letter ches. The ches, according to the Ari, is comprises of a vov connected to a zayin.

The vov symbolises the purely spiritual, the Torah, Olom HaBo. It is the side of the Neshomoh and the yetser hatov. The zayin on the other hand symbolises this world, the material, the nefesh habehamis.

When we affix a Mezuzoh, we make the brochoh לקבוע מזוזה – to affix a Mezuzoh. Mezuzoh ‘happens’ to have the same gematriah as the Name of G-d that means “my Master” – the name א-ד-נ-י. By affixing the Mezuzoh, we are throwing a spiritual lasso round a firm spiritual peg, affirming our kabolas Malchus Shomayim, fixing the Shechinoh within our homes.

The left side of the door is this world. It – most of the year – is the sleeping partner. It is affixed to the Vov, subservient to it, shlepped around and limping. It receives holiness from the right side but has no voice of its own.

Not so on Chanukoh. On Chanukoh the light of Techiyas hameisim was revealed, the left-over little jug of oil, the little bit – the ‘breath of the bones’ (הבלא דגרמי) – that is left over the niftar. From that, there sprung to life the light of the Menoroh – for eight whole days. Eight is the number of Techiyas hameisim, of the days of Moshiach.

Chanukoh is a revelation, a spark, from the times of Moshiach. It is where this world, the zayin, the gashmiyos, the apparent darkness of the vessel, will be transformed into light. Chap aran – nem a latkeh un mach a brochoh!! LeChayim!


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