Tuesday, December 02, 2014


99.999999% Empty Space

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


  99.999999% Empty Space   


         Scientists say that atoms are 99.99999% empty space. The Torah says that they are almost right.

     Our bodies seem to be solid, but if we could look at them with a good enough microscope we would see that each body is made up of zillions upon zillions of molecules and 99.99999% empty space. Then, if we could magnify the molecules even more, we would see that the molecules themselves are not solid, but that each molecule is made of zillions upon zillions of atoms, and almost all empty space.

     Looking from further back we saw it as a molecule, but when we look at that molecule closer (with greater magnification), we see that each molecule is actually zillions of atoms. And, as the scientists say, atoms are almost all empty space.

     If we could look even deeper, we would see that each atom is actually made of zillions of quarks. And if we could magnify the quarks enough, we would see that each quark is made of zillions of gluons, and on and on.

     Remember, we are not dividing, or breaking up these forms. We are enlarging them, i.e. magnifying them so we can see what they are actually made of.

     Science stops here. They say that they do not like to deal with extremes. The Torah goes on deeper.


     Before G-d began to create, there was no matter or energy whatsoever, not a drop of anything anywhere, not of any size. There was not even empty space, as space had not yet been created!

     Then G-d said something; BANG! Whatever He said materialized into the thing that He said. Now there is something that is being made out of nothing but His word. His big secret is that His word (which actually represents His will), holds emptiness into form. And if He would ever release His will for this form to adhere, all form, all matter, all energy, all creation, would instantly revert back to nothing! BIG Unbang!

     There is a dispute among Torah sages; Is He going to unbang it completely when it is over, or is He only going to release it up to an entirely spiritual level of existence? Will there be form at that stage or not? Will there be eating and drinking, or will all creation revert even higher, back to how it was before He called it into being? No one really knows. Some say it will go through different stages for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years, and some say that by the Hebrew year 7,000 it will all be over.


     The fact is, no matter what He has in mind, we have the same job to do. And when we do the best we can, we certainly receive the best there is. Doing our best makes things better for us, and it makes things better for the world. It makes things better for us in this world, and it will make things better for us in whatever World we go to next. 


  1. How do we know G-d has a mind or presume what he is thinking or what emotions he has? He surely does not have a brain in the human sense, or mouth or eyes etc as he is not physical. It is all esoteric really - do we even understand a zillionth of these mysteries?

  2. Of course, HaShem doesn't "speak" as we speak, "think," "feel" or even exist as we exist. These are anthropomorphisms used so we can begin to relate to HaShem's greatness, both imminent and transcendent and beyond both. Don't confuse the finger pointing at the sun with the sun.

  3. Atoms are not mostly empty space as space is not empty. And molecules are generally made up of a few atoms not zillions! eg. H2O. This article is full of holes!

  4. Rebbe Nachman teaches,You must purify your body the same way a tanner works a hide,turning it inside out.You must work your body completely until you can turn it inside out and see that it is completely clean of all desires and bad traits.May his fire continue to burn until our Moshiach comes!!!


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