Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Why Did Avraham Bind Yitzchak?

​    by Reb Gutman Locks    

Why Did Avraham Bind Yitzchak?

        What was Yitzchak really like? There is so little written about him, especially when compared to how much is written about Avraham and Yaacov. Each of the Fathers had extraordinarily deep characteristic traits. This is certainly true about Yitzchak, too. So deep were these traits that they seeped down into their children and into their children's children, even to this day. This is the true value of learning what the Torah tells us about our ancestors.

     When Avraham was tested, and was told to offer up his beloved son Yitzchak on the altar, he followed this most distasteful command without hesitation. He took Yitzchak to the place where Hashem told him, he built an altar there, placed the wood for the fire upon the altar, and then he bound Yitzchak before placing him on the altar.

     Why did Avraham have to bind his son? The commentaries tell us that he bound him just in case Yitzchak might have jerked when Avraham was about to slaughter him. But if this was Avraham's thinking he would not have had to bind him until he placed him on the altar.

     There is a much more logical and deeper reason why he tied him. If Avraham had not bound Yitzchak, when he reached down to pick him up to put him on the altar, what do you think his loving son Yitzchak would have done? He would have climbed onto the altar himself to save his father from having to pick him up. Such was the love and devotion of Yitzchak.

     And what would have been so wrong with Yitzchak climbing onto the altar himself? Avraham was commanded to bring Yitzchak up onto the altar. Yitzchak was not commanded to offer himself up.

     All of the traits of our Fathers and Mothers have trickled down into their sons and daughters. Even though each generation has become weaker and weaker, still, look for these traits, and you will find them.





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