Tuesday, November 04, 2014

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One Man’s Paradise

    by Reb Gutman Locks​    

     One Man's Paradise


        There is a folk saying; one man's paradise (can be) another man's hell. After meeting with this visitor at the Kotel yesterday, I really understand that saying. I put tefillin on him, and we spoke.

     He is an elderly American who retired from running an old folk's home in New York State. He bought a house in a jungle area of Panama that overlooks a huge canyon. He told me that the "development" has not sold out, which means that there are very few people living in the development. He drives fifteen minutes to the nearest village to buy food and supplies. He said that he has earthquake insurance, but they would not sell him landslide insurance. This means that there is a high potential for the house to slide into the canyon.

    I asked him what he does all day. He told me that he likes to read. He stays up until eleven at night, and wakes up at eight in the morning.

    I would go totally nuts living there! My life is so involved with people. To live alone would be a total waste for me. But he likes to look at the canyon!

     One man's paradise…  



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