Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Kill a Jew, Win a Prize!

…by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Yesterday F. Glenn Miller Jr aka Frazier Glenn Cross Jr, the man who drove to the Kansas Jewish Federation Community Center and opened fire murdering a doctor & grandfather, his grandson, and a middle aged woman (wife and mother), said yesterday “after being diagnosed with emphysema after going to the emergency room in late March, unable to breathe, I was convinced I was dying then,” said Miller. “… I wanted to make damned sure I killed some Jews or attacked the Jews before I died. I have never felt such exhilaration. … Finally, I’d done something.”

The racist murderer, may Hashem blot out his name and revenge the blood of those murdered, missed in his attempt to murder Jews as there are very few Jews actually in Kansas City or even at the Kansas City Jewish Federation Community Center.  It’s unknown if the racist murderer, who’s name will be despised and then forgotten, ever actually met any Jews.  This did not stop his driving need to hate and murder.

Today two Arab residents of Jerusalem entered a large community synagogue in the far western neighborhood of Har Nof and perpetuated a murderous slaughter among the praying congregation.  4 or 5 were murdered, up to 13 were very very seriously injured, and at least 2 responding policemen were also seriously injured.  (Serious injuries here means SHOT or SLICED WITH A BUTCHER KNIFE or AX.)

At least one of the racist murderers was a worker at a local convenience store. 

Apparently it’s become open season on Jews.  No need to even have met a Jew or had a problem with one.  Hate of Jews needs no reason.

The world news media has joined the party.  Here’s some headlines associated with today’s murderous brutal slaughter of praying Jews…

“Jerusalem police fatally shoot 2 after apparent synagogue attack.” – (CBC) No mention of people being murdered, or murderers shooting at police.

“Deadly attack on Jerusalem mosque” – (CNN) ??? If it’s a house of prayer in Jerusalem it must be a mosque?

“At least 4 people are killed in a "terrorist attack" at a Jerusalem synagogue, 2 attackers shot dead, say police” – (BBC) 4 anonymous people are ‘killed’ in what might be (scare quotes) a “terrorist attack”, but 2 attackers _shot dead_.  The anonymous “people” aren’t murdered, and 4 dead is a questionable type of attack.

“Jerusalem synagogue attack kills 4; Israel PM vows to ‘respond harshly’” – (CBC) Kills, not murders, and being killed is not harsh.  But talking about responding, that’s ‘harsh’.

The world would like to return to thinking Jewish blood is cheap, easy to spill and of no consequence.  They would like to appease the demons at their gates, that they themselves invited inside.  Evil is loose in the world, and while the Jews are the canary in the coal mine – they’re never the last to suffer.

We rely on G-d, and have the promises of the Torah, Navi’im and Ketuvim (that’s the bible-old testament to all our christian readers) that we will survive and Hashem will revenge innocent spilled blood.  But what will you do when these evil ones come for you?


  1. This is so sick and evil. Hashem, Hashem, Hashem please send help for those that are injured. Please. This evil is so unbelievable. No matter how much I read and study about pere adam, it is still unbelievable to have this much hatred in the world.

  2. I want to post this because so many people miss this point on this story. I am actually originally from that area (Just moved to Israel though). A friend of mine from Teaneck was saying that the area that it took place in, was in his opinion safer than Teneck.

    It's a well to do area (and I'm sure there are a lot more crazy people in New York around the areas that a lot Jews live in).

  3. Glued to the news all day. Awful, insane, evil. Those poor families in Har Nof. This immediately brought to mind the murdered boys at Mercaz Harav a few years ago. How they relish blood and death. It's unreal.

    The govt will not do enough! They are afraid of the world. We need Moshiach!


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