Sunday, November 02, 2014

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by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

“@dwazany - #BREAKING tens of fanatic Jewish #settlers break into #AlAqsa #now. cams prohibited. hopes brave #Jerusalemites will sneak media #Jerusalem”


--> Tens, do you understand that, TENS!!!!! of Jews enter a space the size of 4 football fields to visit a holy site.  They’re certainly NOT entering the Al Aqsa mosque, just walking around the outer area.

--> THEY BROKE IN!!!!  By… wait for it… walking in through the visitors gate.

--> FANATICS!!!  Because they insist, in Israel, on not being discriminated against and being able to go visit any holy site like any other human.  And they want to go to Jewish ones, like the Temple Mount (on which Al Aqsa sits)!  The nerve!  Fanatics!  FANATICSSSSSSSS!!!!!

--> SETTLERS!!!  Well, they live in Jerusalem, but ANY JEW living in Israel is a “SETTLER” according to the Palestinians.  So yes, settlers – they settled in the Holy Land, the land of their forefathers, the land G-d gave to the Jewish people.  SETTLERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

The fear of Jews praying is astounding!

@CamJourno While Temple Mount is closed to Muslims and tourists, Western Wall plaza remains open, lots of ppl, &Bar Mtzvah drums.

Strange, why would they close the Al Aqsa compound?  Could it be… ATTEMPTED MURDER?  TERROR ATTACKS (from there)?  CONSTANT THREATS OF VIOLENCE (from there)?

How many times have the Jews rushed from the Western Wall and attacked Arabs?  Stocked bricks to throw at people in the Western Wall Plaza?  Barricaded the Plaza and attacked police?

If you guessed zero, you’re right!

@MaanNewsAgency Hamas: Closure of Gaza crossings 'collective punishment'   @jncatron Israel must face justice for Gaza crimes

We fire rockets at Israel and kill Egyptian soldiers, but expect them to sit back and take it.  It’s our right to kill our oppressors, they have no right to defense.  CRIMES!  CRIMES!  CRIMES!

…it’s Jew-ysteria!!!!

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  1. I couldn't have said it more cleverly!

    So, where is all the intern'l hullabaloo about the Egyptians bulldozing hundreds of palestinian homes to create a buffer zone with Gaza??


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