Monday, November 17, 2014

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How to Fight Anti-Semitism in a Single Picture

Dry Bones is running a campaign to fund a comic project to combat the willful rewriting of history and the spread of anti-semitism.  Call it anti-anti-semitic comics.  Check it out here!  Or click on the comics below…


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  1. Even more insidious than the blatant lies is the warped use of language in the media.

    Arab attacks on Jews are always reported in the most vitiating language. What in plain language should be: An Arab murdered a Jew in cold blood, carried out a pre-meditated murder of a Jew, etc, becomes "Jerusalem attack kills four". There is no perpetrator, no criminal intent, just four anonymous deaths. As if it were an act of nature. And if the victim does not die on the spot it becomes, "he succumbed to his wounds". Again completely without perpetrator. No need to apportion blame. It makes it sound as if the victim died from a disease. Even using the word "killed" is white-washing the perpetrators out of the picture. The word "kill" implies some kind of accident. When there is pre-meditated intent, it is murder.

    Other popular use of language to achieve the goal of removing the perpetrator, with his criminal intent from the crime, is to say: X perished or lost his life. This is often used regarding the Holocaust. I read somewhere, don't remember where, that it is not true that six million Jews were murdered. It makes it sound like one event. There were six million murders of Jews. Each Jew was an individual who was murdered. One of the goals of the Nazis, yimach shmam, was to dehumanise the Jews, and lumping all the Holocaust victims into a number perpetuates this dehumanisation. Using words such as "perished" also removes the perpetrators from the crime. And so with the terrorist attacks in our days, everything is done to dehumanise the victim, and to lessen the impact of their victimhood in addition to removing all trace of the perpetrator.


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